Sony Santa Monica Promises Open World God of War Game

Sony Santa Monica has released a recent statement confirming they will be releasing an open world God of War game. The game was originally shown off at E3 2016’s Playstation 4 conference, and got people talking about the various ways that it would change up the God of War formula.

Even in the demo, we could see that it might already be an open world God of War game. The gameplay didn’t go through the linear areas that the first few God of War games had; instead, Kratos had to follow his son Atreus through the woods to hunt a deer.

Numerous other areas where the hunt could have gone were also pointed out, and at one point we saw a notification that Kratos had discovered a location.

The possibility of a God of War game being open-world opens up even more opportunities for various things that could change up the series formula. The gameplay demo already did this with Kratos lacking his famous Blades of Olympus, a new over-the-shoulder camera angle a la Resident Evil 4, and Atreus as an assist character.

With a whole new setting to explore based on Norse Mythology, an open world God of War game is probably one of the best things that the series could do right now; after the series before now focused entirely on Greek mythology, going into the less-well-known Norse mythology can help persuade gamers to explore the world around them.

The setting, being Nordic, might also end up scratching the itch of some Skyrim players that might have gotten bored of Skyrim and are looking for a new Nordic-inspired world to explore.

Either way, since the new God of War game, isn’t coming anytime soon, Sony Santa Monica has a good bit of time to impress us more, especially with E3 2017 coming up.