Oninaki Weapon Upgrade Guide – How to Upgrade, Requirements

In Oninaki, when you look in your inventory you will see a progress bar with the weapons you have acquired. This progress tells you that your weapons are upgradable. This Oninaki Weapon Upgrade guide will tell you how to unlock that progress bar and upgrade your weapons.

Oninaki Weapon Upgrade

You might have seen an Alchemist shop in Deto in Oninaki, you can go there and upgrade your weapons. But you must have noticed that this shop is closed, well this shop opens when you successfully defeat Kushi following his possession by the Night Devil.

  1. First, you defeat Kushi successfully you go to Deto and you will see the golden rectangular icon on the left side of the area from the main map.
  2. There you head to Alchemist’s shop.
  3. Now you speak to the shopkeeper, when you talk to shopkeeper it will open a menu from which you can select which weapon to upgrade.

Now you will encounter another decision, you can upgrade your weapons with the weapon material that only come from other weapons. So you will have to break down your old or unused weapons to upgrade your better and favorite ones. Weapons you break down, the quality of those will indicate how stronger your upgraded weapon is.

Similarly, some weapons will be capable of getting more upgrades and getting stronger than others. So you have to choose those weapons for breakdown that you have a duplicate copy of or is of a lower level so you don’t waste your material for a lesser powerful weapon.


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