Oninaki Level Up Fast Guide – XP Farming Tips, Leveling Tips and Tricks

The path to leveling up in all sorts of games, particularly RPGs, apart from a few specific instances, can be observed to be rather clichéd: battling and defeating enemies to acquire XP, adding it all up till you level up, going back to square one and repeating.

Although you can find yourself playing during countless hours of the day, trying to level up and eventually reaching the point where you can’t level up with your usual grinding anymore; thus referred to as the cap.

A lot of gamers might find themselves trying to break the ice and spare themselves the ineffective grinding.

Oninaki is no exception for this gaming ritual, although there exists a set of good gaming techniques which can help you level up relatively faster.

Oninaki Level Up Fast Guide

Numerous Daemons are available for your use through the course of the game, though I would suggest using not just one, but multiple Daemons so that you can get more stones to unlock abilities.

Although if you’re all about straight levels, I advise that you use Dia for two reasons:

Noble Dream, as her first skill is a big forward-firing attack which is capable of damaging numerous targets. There is a tremendously worthwhile perk called as Generosity behind a memory on her tree behind this skill.

This allows players to hit numerous targets while attacking once by making your shots pierce. Collectively, attacking more foes at a time can help you put more of them down, and help you achieve more XP a lot more quickly.

If you are just trying to level Kagachi up, you will deem it efficient to find your strongest Daemons and use them. You will earn XP a lot more rapidly if you kill more foes with such attacks.


Remaining in the search for enemies and battling to defeat them is still the primary course you would want to take to obtain XP, although there is a possibility that you run out of enemies soon enough, and since the need to move towards the next area.

Oninaki keeps about its unconventional rituals with the idea of having two realms to recce, and a very distinct set of enemies than those of the Living World, that reside on the Veil.

To level up as quickly as possible, defeat all foes in a relatively smaller area, and move on to the Veil. Keep at the Veil and kill all of these foes here for as long as you stay, whilst moving forth and taking up on more and more foes.

Switch and go back to the Living World once these enemies are defeated, put down all of the ones you come across here since you never visited this area, which is not inside the Veil. This strategy of going back and forth not only helps you level up faster but also spares you the idea of grinding or possibly being a try-hard.

Eventually, you will come across a black hole, with absurd quantities of health. Such black holes summon foes or enemies to guard them, if you keep killing these enemies, you will find yourself attaining tonnes of XP until you destroy the black hole itself, and since all of these enemies are being summoned from a singularity, they are always clustered up, allowing you to Noble Dream a lot of them very easily and put down the remaining with shots.

Feel free to go back to square one and repeat the process till you feel content by having quenched your thirsts of obtaining more stones, and skill upgrading, or just leveling up.

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