Oninaki Daemons Guide – Unlocking Lore, Daemon Uses

In Oninaki, there is a wide variety of daemons that you can use to your advantage. But for that, you must know what daemons actually do and how you can actually unlock them. Thankfully we have this handy Oninaki Daemons Guide to lead you through that journey.

Oninaki Daemons


Unlock Lore

First of all, to access all those special daemons tactics and abilities in your game you will have to unlock daemon lore which can be done by unlocking daemon lore node in a daemon’s skill tree. You need to go to the main menu and select the daemon tab and the daemon you want to examine. When you make a choice you go down to daemon skill tree option and press the X button to open the tree.

After that, you will be shown the daemon skill tree which for the time being most of it will be locked. As you progress through the game you will get to unlock it. All those nodes represent a new daemon skill. You can unlock those nodes by some specific amount and type of soul stones, which you can get by killing enemies. After killing the enemy, you will get a soul stone and will be able to unlock one of the many daemon memories.

These daemon memories, when you will unlock them and see them you will get to see the past of the daemon and where and how they get through to be where they are now and what led them to be who they are now. Basically, you will be able to see past history of the daemon by unlocking each node point by point. This daemon lore watching will increase the bond between the player and the daemon, which will ultimately increase their stats and effectiveness of their abilities.

When you get a specific soul stone and unlock a memory you will not outright watch it but you will have to go to a save point to view it. Save points are like large spheres scattered throughout the map and they also emit healing sphere when you are in their range. You have to go to those save point and press the button X to open save menu. Cycle to right once and go to the daemon lore option and cycle to the daemon lore you can currently view. Net cut-scene will show you the daemon lore.

After each unlocked daemon lore, you will get new skills and buffs of the daemon which is the whole point of doing this daemon lore thing.

Change Daemons

Now that you have unlocked quite a few of those daemons now you might wanna use them in battle as well. To change quipped daemons or equip new daemons you have to hold your analog stick in the direction of the daemon you want to equip and wait for them to appear behind your character so you are sure that it is swapped in. You have to hold the analog stick for a while to get your daemon equipped.

In combat you can use any daemon that you have equipped, just hold your analog stick in the direction of the daemon you want to use and that will be used. Their abilities are far better than what your basic skills are.

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