One of The PlayStation Plus Free Games for April Leaked, It’s Dead Star

PSN inadvertently leaked one of the PlayStation Plus free games for the month of April way before it was due; the game is Dead Star by Armature Studios.

Well, well, well.. as long as we are interested in writing and playing games, unintended news leaks will continue to flow. As far as next month’s PlayStation Plus free games are concerned, we think we know one of them. Thanks to Sony, it looks like you are going to be playing Dead Star for free.

The game is a multiplayer space shooter from Armature Studios, the developers who are also working on ReCore. It has not been released yet which does not suggest that it would go free on the PS4, but apparently, that is exactly what happened.

What happened is that everyone who had preordered Dead Star for PS4, received a message on their PlayStation Network account regarding a preorder refund.

Fans have been told by Sony that the game is being sent out among April’s PlayStation Plus free games which is why they were giving back the money. Here’s the message in full:

Thank you for your recent preorder of Dead Star for PlayStation 4. We’re excited to announce that Dead Star will be a free game for PlayStation Plus members in April. As such, we are refunding the full amount of your preorder. As an added bonus, the Dead Star theme you received will remain yours. Thanks again for your support, we hope you enjoy Dead Star in Apirl!

Well, Dead Star wasn’t really a hyped up game but since it is going free and we have got Armature Studios, the same guys who are behind the amazing ReCore, it should be worth a try.

Check back with us later for the rest of the PlayStation Plus free games.


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