One Last Fallout 4 Season Pass Deal Before Price Hike

It’s understandable why one would not buy the Fallout 4: Season Pass without any content released. That said there’s now a good reason to buy before the first content comes out in March – the price is going up.

Yesterday Bethesda announced on March 1st the Season Pass will jump from $29.99 to $49.99. That said, there is still a gap in time to buy for $29.99, and even cheaper if you like at GMG.

The fully authorized PC gaming retailer has a 20% off coupon cutting the Season Pass price to only $24. Six bucks cheaper than Steam and $26 cheaper than we’ll see come next month.

GMG’s coupon code is not a permanent feature. In fact it’s set to expire on February 19th at 9AM Pacific.

The Reason for the price hike is expanded scope of the Season Pass. You can read up more on the details here.

Contributor at SegmentNext.