New Pokemon Snap What’s Up With Wurmple Request Guide

In this New Pokemon Snap What’s Up With Wurmple Request guide, we will tell you how to complete all the tasks in the mentioned request and capture the moment needed to complete this task. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Pokemon Snap What’s Up With Wurmple Request

What’s Up With Wurmple is one of many New Pokemon Snap Request that comes late in the game in which players need to take pictures of Wurmple’s unusual actions in Florio Nature Park. The information below will show you how to get a wurmple snapshot.

What’s Up With Wurmple shows that any Wurmple can stand up to risks and obstacles on its own in New Pokémon Snap. These tiny bugs prefer to escape danger and crawl in isolated areas and bushes without interfering in anyone else’s matters. Other curious Pokémon also tend to take them on, as is shown in your brief  What’s Up With Wurmple request.

After level 3, players can complete the What’s Up With Wurmple request at daytime in Florio Nature Park. For this purpose, players must photograph Wurmple with a particular weird attitude. The picture can be taken only if the course level is three or more.

We need to find a Wurmple holding his ground against a flock of Taillows. Start the stage, and you can see two Taillows in a grassy area very early on, on your left.

You’ll find a Wurmple, left unprotected. You must throw an Illumina Ball straightaway on Wurmple to cause the reaction you wish. Then it will extend its tail and throw some toxic gas.

As it is, you would naturally take a couple of snapshots on the camera at that moment so there can be different photo subjects. However, for the Wurmple request, only one with the specific Wurmple as the subject will count toward the request’s completion. Thus, you will have the snapshot you needed. You will also have saved the Wurmple and will make the Taillows flee.

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