Okami HD For Nintendo Switch Will Be Available In Japan On August 9

When the Nintendo Direct was held in March, a lot of first and third party game were announced that are to last us for the whole year. Among the various games was the Okami HD For Nintendo Switch. Now for Japanese fans, there is a good news. Okami HD will be available in Japan on August 9.

Capcom recently made an announcement in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that Okami HD For Nintendo Switch will be available in Japan on 9th of August.

The price of the game to has been made available; it shall be priced at 2,990 yen for the standard version and 3,990 yen for the limited edition version. Which is relatively affordable.

Okami HD is the remaster of the Capcom’s 2006 title and while it’s already available in PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PC. This Nintendo Switch version will really gather more fans. Considering Switch is a popular console, it was about time that this game came out.

Having said that, the Nintendo Switch version will release in the West in Summer 2018. We can expect the prices to vary a little but looking at the current prices for Japan, Okami HD will be relatively affordable in North America and Europe as well.

This game for Nintendo Switch offers some really cool features, other than exploring its world with Amaterasu, the players will be able to control the Celestial Brush with the touch screen in handheld mode and Joy-Con motion feature on TV/tabletop modes. Nintendo also announced that the game will launch on a digital-only version, which would be pretty convenient.

The word Okami literally translates into “great sprit” or “wolf” and the game originates from that meaning. The game combines several Japanese myths, legends, and folklore to follow the story of how a land was saved from darkness.

Having said that, Okami was one of the best PlayStation 2 games and one of the most popular games back in the days. Are you excited to play it on Switch? Let is know in the comments below