Officially-Licensed Xbox One Mini-Controller Priced and Dates

Xbox One is soon going to get a new mini-controller from Power A that is officially licensed by Microsoft.

The controller is already up on for the price of £31.06 and comes with two color variants – Black and Green.

According to the product description, the mini-version of the Xbox One controller is for those with smaller hands, who for now might have found the current controller a bit too big to handle. It promises to offer the same amount of precision, if not more.

It will come with “full rumble effects” and require a wired connection with an included three meter breakaway cable. Sure you won’t have to deal with batteries, but you will lose the convenience of going wireless.

The listing states a release date of October 17 and is currently taking pre-orders. So far the product has not been listed on the US division of Amazon but might in the days to come. Until it does, the Xbox One Mini-Controller can only be purchased from Europe.


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