Oddworld Soulstorm The Ruins Secret Area Locations Guide

There are some secret areas in The Ruins for Oddworld Soulstorm which are easily missable however, our guide is here to help.

In this Oddworld Soulstorm The Ruins Secret Area Locations guide, we have listed down the secret area locations that are present in The Ruins area of Oddworld Soulstorm.

Oddworld Soulstorm The Ruins Secret Area Locations

In Oddworld Soulstorm, there are Secret areas and Royal Jellies hidden at each level. These can be collected in order to upgrade your level badge.

In order to get the platinum trophy, you need to collect all of the platinum badges.

Below we have listed down all the Secret Areas that can be found in The Ruins area of Oddworld Soulstorm. There are a total of 6 Secret areas to be found here.

The Ruins Secret Area #1
This area is located at the start of the Ruins, where you walk past the Sligs silently. After you are past both of the Sligs, head left and then down and roll under the platform to discover the first secret area there.

The Ruins Secret Area #2
To find this secret location, go to the bottom area when dealing with the four Sligs. The secret area will be here. You will also find a Royal Jelly there, so make sure to collect that as well.


The Ruins Secret Area #3
After you find the second secret area, you will encounter 4 more Sligs. After you are past the Sligs, move ahead until you find a ledge that you can jump on.

From the ledge, jump up to find the third secret area.

The Ruins Secret Area #4
As you will be making your way through the Ruins, there will come an area where you need to shoot four Sligs which will be on different platforms.

After that is done, make your way around the four mines and head to the next area, which will be Secret Area #4. Take out the 2 Sligs there and collect the Royal Jelly as well.

The Ruins Secret Area #5 and 6
From the last secret area, move on and climb over the building. Once over, move left and head into the building to find the 5th and 6th secret areas, which will be next to each other inside the building.

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