Oddworld Soulstorm Sorrow Valley Secret Area Locations Guide

Royal Jellies and hidden locations are a part of the side quests in Oddworld: Soulstorm, and in this guide, we have explained all these Secret Area locations and royal jellies in the Sorrow Valley level.

Oddworld Soulstorm Sorrow Valley Secret Area Locations

Whenever you complete a new level in Oddworld Soulstorm, you will have the option to get to many new side quests for more medals and rewards. If you have completed all the side quests along with the main storyline, only then will you be able to get the platinum trophy. Now, let’s look at how to find these secret locations and jellies.

Secret Area 1
At the very beginning of the level, when you have to pass through some flying sligs, which you can do by possessing one and killing all others. Now when you have killed all other enemies, don’t get down from the slig just like that, rather use it to shoot the barricades that are blocking the way on the lower levels, and you will get to your first secret area.

Secret Area 2
Go down the ladder when you are done with the first secret area, and you will notice some bars that you can jump to, on the other side of the ladder. Jump on to that hanging bar and then jump again to land on the platform ahead, climb up to find the next secret area.

Secret Area 3
As you move forward through the area, you will have to go through some sleeping sligs and mines. After you are done dealing with enemies here, just drop down to your right and you will find the third secret area down the path.

Secret Area 4
After the third secret area, you will come out of the underground and will face flying sligs. This is quite similar to what you did before with the flying sligs, just ride one and shoot all others. This time also shoot the red beam on your left, and you will open a new way, where you will find this fourth secret area.

Secret Area 5
In the next area, you will have to again take over one of the flying sligs and use it to destroy all the other sligs and also their guard huts and also set the wooden structure on fire. Setting the wooden structure on fire will open a new way where you will find the fifth secret area.

Secret Area 6
Just when you are at the end of the area, you will see a bird transporter. Follow it through all the platforms and you will find all the Mukodons as well as the last secret area at the end of the journey.

Royal Jellies
Royal Jellies are very simple to get in Sorrow Valley and you won’t have to make any extra effort to find these. All the royal jellies will be on the main path except one, and you won’t miss any if you play the whole level.

The one hard to spot royal jelly is in the middle of the level, just when you face mortar fires and the building in front of you is on fire, one royal jelly will be inside the building on fire. You will have to wait for the building to get clear from the fire to get this royal jelly.

Once you have all the royal jellies and also have found all the secret areas from the Sorrow Valley, you will have two platinum badges with you, and then you can fully complete the level without any other requirements.