Oddworld Soulstorm Slig Mama Boss Guide

You will face the giant mecha Boss, Slig Mama in Oddworld Soulstorm during the Hijack level. We will be telling you the exact strategy for the fight and how you can utilize the environment around you in this Oddworld Soulstorm Slig Mama Boss Guide.

Oddworld Soulstorm Slig Mama Boss

This specific part of Oddworld has its fair share of challenges and puzzles during your playthrough of Oddworld Soulstorm. Some of them pose quite a threat sometimes and it’s up to Abe to face them.

One of these dangerous scenarios is a Boss Fight between Abe and the Giant Mecha called Slig Mama during the Hijack. You can defeat this foe with ease if you use your environment and abilities to their fullest and advance with patience. Here is the exact strategy for the fight.

The Prep Phase

Once the introductory cutscene is over, tell any Mudokens who were following you to wait there by Holding Down on the D-Pad. Now fill up your Soulstorm Brew at the vending machine nearby.

Your Smoke Screen will also play a vital role in this Boss Fight against Slig Mama. We will be telling you how and where to use it below. At the end of the cutscene, the worker dropped a blow torch directly below the mecha boss and that is your main hint for this boss fight.

Slig Mama has 2 sensors that will detect you even when you are hiding behind crates. And then it will launch 3 missiles at you. Abe can only take a hit from a single missile before he dies.

So, you need to press onwards while hiding behind the crates and dodging the missiles by changing platforms. This might require a few tries before you can memorize Slig Mama’s attack patterns. You need to reach the closest platform to the mecha and then throw explosives at the blow torch.

Slig Mama Boss Fight

Once you drop down, climb up on the middle platform and start breaking the crates to move ahead. You need to be quick and then do a roll to avoid any incoming missiles and reach the next platform of the train.

Climb up to the upper platform by jumping towards the left and then again jumping right onto the upper platform. Be careful of the incoming missiles as they will destroy all of the crates between you and the mecha on that platform.

Equip your Smoke Screen and throw it on the platform in front of you to get out of Slig Mama’s line of sight. Jump on that platform and throw another Smoke Screen on the platform in front of you.

You need to perform a double jump to reach this platform. Now, you are as close to Slig Mama as possible. Equip your Fire Bottles and throw them below the mecha, exactly where the blow torch is to set off a fire that will trigger an explosion.

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