Oddworld Soulstorm Funicular Secret Area Locations Guide

This Oddworld Soulstorm Funicular Secret Area Locations guide gives detail as to where you can find the secret locations to collect the Royal Jellies.

Finding Royal Jellies is a part of the Oddworld optional objectives. You can find most of the jellies in standard locations on the map, but the rest are found in the depths of a few secret locations.

Oddworld Soulstorm Funicular Secret Area Locations

There are a total of 8 Secret Locations containing Royal Jellies. Below are the locations where you can find them.

Secret Area Location #1
Head inside the first mine and continue going towards the left till you reach an opening on the floor. Drop down the opening to find the first secret area.

Secret Area Location #2
During the early stages of the game, you’ll come across an elevator that helps you continue your level if you go up; however, if you decide to go down, you’ll find another secret area.

Secret Area Location #3
Once you’ve found the secret area down the elevator, it’s time to head up the level. Use the elevator to head up to the top and come across a buzzsaw. As the saw drops to the canyon, simply jump onto the platform behind and keep going onto the platforms till you find one with no spikes beneath it. This is where you’ll find your secret location for the jelly.

Secret Area Location #4
After clearing the buzzsaw area, you’ve got yet another mine on your list. You’ll find the area right before the entrance. Simply move left till you find a place to jump down from and find your next secret area.

Secret Area Location #5
This area is quite tricky as most players don’t know if it even exists or not. After gathering up all Mudokon friends, you’ll be taken back to the initial place where you got information for preparing the antidote. Now, you can hop on to the heavy machinery to head into the next location.

But before you exit, make sure to return to the initial spot as you’ll come across a large opening. This place was locked at the start of the level, but since you’ve taken care of the switches in the previous area, it’s now unlocked.

Secret Area Location #6
Once in the next location, save a few Mukodons on the left side and come across another secret area.

Secret Area Location #7
Head right after saving the Mukodons to find a billboard. Move under the platform to find a metallic part hiding the secret area.

Secret Area Location #8
Once you’ve saved the Mukodons with the help of a bird transporter, hop onto the ledge. Keep in mind that the ledge is hidden; therefore, you must prepare yourself to jump on it accurately.

Jumping successfully leads you towards the end of the path to find your last secret location.

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