Oddworld Soulstorm On The Epic Store In Order To Ensure Financial Security

Oddworld Soulstorm has been anticipated by many Oddworld fans for a long time, but it appears that developer Oddworld Inhabitants is going to have to make a sacrifice in order to make sure that they’re financially secure. The studio announced on Twitter that we’d be seeing Oddworld Soulstorm on the Epic Store.

While Oddworld is a very popular series (at least back when its games were being regularly made), the Epic Games Store is a lot more controversial due to its policy of snapping up any hotly anticipated games that it can in order to drum up business.

These games include games like Metro Exodus and Shenmue 3, both of which were supposed to be coming to Steam before they were caught by the Epic Games Store and made into a timed-exclusive mode for that store.

Polygon writer Jason Schreier has given the explanation behind their snatching up of games as the fact that game development is a risky business, and games being put onto the Epic Store in exchange for money at least gives developers the opportunity to recoup their development costs.

This sort of reasoning is exactly why we’ll be seeing Oddworld Soulstorm on the Epic Store, as the studio is funding the game entirely by themselves. With Oddworld Inhabitants being dedicated to making the game as high-quality as possible, they required more money, and Epic was ready with that.

While this likely means that sales on the PC version of Oddworld Soulstorm will take a big hit, there’s no reason for you to boycott the game entirely, since it will also be releasing on consoles on the same day.

Regardless of your stance on seeing Oddworld Soulstorm on the Epic Store, the game is set to come out in early 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and from what people are saying about its gameplay, it looks like it will be well worth the wait.