Oculus Rift’s Spatial Awareness Makes You a Much Better Gamer, Apparently

While this may be a stretch for some at this point, there are stories coming out that suggest the usage of Virtual Reality technology – Oculus Rift in this case – is going to up the performance standards for almost everyone.

One of the primary reasons for that is the level of spatial awareness i.e. the idea of knowing things around you in space (when applied to VR).

For instance, an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 owner decided to put his skills to test in Dirt Rally and he ended up making a world record that is astonishingly faster than whatever everyone else could achieve without the VR headset.

The video above shows an “average gamer” beating the previous world record by 12 seconds; it was a record that was only 0.183 seconds faster that the one before it – and even doing that took a lot of toiling.

Of course this is just one example of the kind of gameplay improvements that we are looking at with the advent of the head-mounted virtual reality technology, but it evidences what has been claimed by a number of related parties in the past.

However, it would be pretty interesting to see how Oculus Rift (or its competitors) allow you to perform in other games. Do you think that the better spatial awareness in Rift is really going to change things this much?

Nonetheless, it is being speculated that VR headsets are going to require up to seven times more powerful PCs than the average gaming PC we have now and we think that is going to be a much bigger concern for gamers than this one.

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