Oculus Rift Price, Specs, Release Date Hinted for CES 2016

We are all looking forward to the day when virtual reality products actually come out and become a regular part of the gaming community, however most of them are a little shy right now. This might be changing for Oculus Rift soon as CES 2016 could bring everything you need to know about the head-mounted set i.e. price, launch date as well as full specifications.

This was hinted at by Palmer Luckey, the creator of the VR set.

In a Reddit thread discussing what everyone is looking forward to the most with CES 2016, the top comment was from a guy who wanted everything out in the open for Oculus Rift:

Getting everything out in the open. That’s what I’m looking forward to. No more waiting to know about the unknown. You want to know the price? You have it. You want to know the release date? You got it. You want to know the full specs? Here you go.

Surprisingly, this got a reply from Palmer Luckey who is pretty popular on Reddit for jumping into conversations here and there. While he did not say that this is exactly what was going to happen, he did say “me too.”

Of course this could simply mean that he wants to share all those details with the Oculus fans at CES 2016 – in the sense that it might or might not be possible to do so, but on the other hand it could also meant that is exactly what he is going to do at the event.

This means we have all the more reasons to keep tabs on CES 2016 which is going to start on January 6 and end on January 9 and one event relating to Oculus Rift is scheduled on January 7 lasting from 12:00PM to 12:30PM.

Could the developers reveal the price, launch date and specifications of the head-mounted set on that day as Palmer Luckey hinted?

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