Oculus Rift Lets you Play Original Zelda in First Person Perspective

Ever wondered how it would feel like to experience the original Zelda game forma first-person perspective, and that too through virtual reality? Well, Oculus Rift is making that happen. The developer of the head-mounted VR set, Ubiquitron has shared a video showing just that.

Now, everyone of you who has been very fond of the original Zelda will find it a little weird when the game’s perspective is changed, but Oculus Rift is all about that isn’t it? The device puts you in the shoes of the character literally, and you go through the same fight all by yourself.

It looks almost an entirely new game.

You see Hyrule and the monsters how Link sees them in the original game; it’s not so much of a 2D dungeon crawler anymore. Not to forget the immersion that Occulus Rift gives you.

Don’t rush too much, the video above is only a beta version of the original Zelda’s Oculus Rift version and right now all that has been developed is the first dungeon. The full game will release on March 14 and maybe then you can give it a try.

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