Octopath Traveler Werner fight guide

Your first encounter with Werner will be at the Hidden path in Chapter 4 where his soldiers will ambush your party in Octopath Traveler.

Werner, the tyrant of Riverford, will be encountered in Chapter 4 of Octopath Traveler. This enemy boss along with his foot soldiers will ambush you in the hidden path first. Once you deal with them you will engage in a fight with Werner at the Lord’s Manse.

An important note here is that your skill level should be at least Level 35 (minimum) as the fight will get intense with this foe. Werner will resort mostly to physical attacks which will deal heavy damage to your party.

So you need to be equally prepared to fight back against this enemy Boss as his shield numbers go from “5(min) to 9(max)”. Once you defeat him, you can loot “Werner’s Sword.” 

Since fighting this enemy boss may seem like quite a hassle, therefore this guide will provide you with info to fight Werner in Octopath Traveler.

Werner location

Your first encounter with Werner will be at the Hidden path in Chapter 4 “Olberic”, where his soldiers will ambush your party. Then you will face Werner along with your party at the Lord’s Manse. There he will argue with Olberic to persuade him to join his side and after failing in that he will fight you.

He is the last enemy boss that you will encounter in Chapter 4 of Octopath Traveler. This means that it is essential to defeat him in order to clear the chapter as well.

Werner weakness

This boss is somewhat of a menace to deal with as he can seal his weaknesses in your fight. Therefore, you will have to break his shields to unlock his weaknesses.

You can resort to stealing HP and SP which can stack up against this boss, but his high health pool makes this duel frustrating to end as well. In terms of Werner’s weaknesses, these include:

  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Light

Werner special attacks

During your fight with Werner, he will resort to using special attacks. These attacks can hit you with heavy damage as they benefit Werner when he loses Hp.

They also grant him additional benefits by increasing the number of his actions at every turn, which makes him altogether a very difficult foe to deal with. He uses three special attacks in the fight against your party.

Special AttackWhat Do They Do
An aura of dread pervades the battlefield…This is a form of normal attack that Werner uses on his opponents to cause Terror during the fight.
Werner shifted his weight…Werner uses this attack after his recovery from the break. Using this move he can increase the number of shields (5 to 7 to 9). He also gets the advantage of having to seal or unlock his weakness which makes it more difficult to defeat him.
You cannot hope to keep pace with me…Werner deploys this move when his Hp goes down to 50%. This move grants him three actions on every turn.

How to defeat Werner

You can use “Cyrus” in your party as he happens to be an “Apothecary”. This will give you a significant advantage in your fight against Werner. The reason being that it merges both the Rehabilitate skill with the Dancer’s Divine Skill. Using this you can negate the Special attack that Werner deploys “An aura of dead prevails” and proceed to use further attacks to damage him.

Werner’s weakness is based on weapon attacks which include Dagger and Axes. You can use this to your advantage by equipping these weapons to inflict damage on him in Octopath traveler.

Werner deploys Oppression to lower your party’s physical attack and defense. So to counter this you can use Ophilia’s cleric skills like “Heal more” to restore back all the HP that your party loses. Since Werner deploys physical attacks mostly so this choice can work as a merchant’s hired help to aid you in this battle.

Moreover to counter Werner’s physical attacks you can use H’annit’s boost abilities like “Hunter Skill” to return heavy physical attacks on this enemy boss in Octopath traveler.

You need to watch out for Werner’s weakness as after the break he can either seal his weakness or unblock it, so you have to engage him accordingly. He can increase the shields starting from 5 and adding 2 making them up to a max number of 9 which will make the fight more difficult.

His last special move is equally dangerous as it benefits him with more turns to attack your party when he reaches max 50 HP. To counter his special attack “You cannot hope to keep pace with me…” you need to debuff Werner’s physical attacks.

This can be achieved when you buff the physical defenses of your party. But remember to use items like “Olive of Life” to recover the damage your party gets dealt with as well.

Overall if you deploy an engaging strategy that covers most of his weaknesses then you can defeat Werner with relative ease in Octopath Traveler.

Best party for Werner

The best party you can select to face Werner includes:

  • H’aanit
  • Cyrus
  • Ophelia
  • Olberic
Party MembersBoostOptionsDamage effects
H’aanitHunter SkillsArrowstormAttack  Werner 5-8 times with a bow
  True StrikeThis will deal critical damage with a bow to Werner.
  Leghold TrapThis will cause Werner to act at the end of the turn for 2 turns.
 Attack Attack Werner with Weapon
Cyrus Sorcerer SkillsLux CongerereThis will deal light-based damage 3 times.
  Tonitrus CanereThis will deal lightning damage to Werner 3 times.
  Ignis ArdereThis will deal fire damage to Werner 3 times.
  Glacies ClaudereThis will deal ice damage on Werner 3 times.
 Attack You can attack Werner 4 times with an equipped weapon.
Ophilia Cleric SkillsHoly LightThis will inflict light-based damage on Werner.
 Cleric SkillsHeal MoreIt will restore a large amount of HP to all your party members
Olberic Attack Attack Werner with equipped weapon. 
 Warrior SkillInciteThis will cause Werner to get targeted by your party members for 3 turns.
  Level SlashYou can attack Werner with a sword.
 ItemOlive of Life (M)For reviving and restoring HP to a single ally.

What else to bring to the fight?

Since this boss fight will require you to drain Werner’s massive HP in order to defeat him, therefore you need to be equipped with the essential items in this fight. These include:

Calming StonesAs a counteract for the Terror from Werner’s special attacks
Olive of Life (M)For reviving and restoring HP to a single ally.
Inspiriting Plum (M)To restore 40 SP to a single character
Herbs of ValorTo prevent Terror from taking hold of a single member of your party.
Resist AilmentsGrants you resistance against Terror, Poison, etc.”

You can use the thief’s shackle or go with the option of merchant’s hired help by using Tressa in your party as an optional choice if you are not using H’aanit.

This can work to your advantage as having both Ophelia and H’aanit can support your unit against Werner’s physical attacks. So you need to be well-prepared to defeat Werner in Octopath Traveler.

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