Octopath Traveler Victorina Fight Guide

Victorina, also known as the Buccaneer’s Bane, is waiting for you in the fourth chapter of Olberic’s story in Octopath Traveler. You will be able to challenge him to a fight before starting the tournament in Victors Hollow.

Keep in mind that Victorina is not going to come alone. He will be accompanied by two retainers, making it important that you know beforehand how to defeat him and his lackeys in Octopath Traveler.

Victorino location

In Olberic’s story, after completing Chapter 4 you will encounter Victorino in the small port town of Rippletide in the Coastlands.

He will propose a fight in the plaza where he will be present with two of his retainers. Head over there and speak with him to start the boss fight.

Victorino weakness

Victorino is weak against Swords and Daggers, so Olberic can use both of these to gain the upper hand in the fight. Additionally, he is also vulnerable to Wind and Dark which you can use to inflict elemental damage that can exploit his weakness during the duel.

Victorino special attacks

Victorino is not just any foe, he is a tough boss who has experience in duels. His attacks are pretty standard but he can unleash his Pirate’s Bane which can deal you a lot of damage if you don’t cope by shielding yourself and hitting back. His special attacks include:

Special AttacksWhat Do They Do
Standard AttackA normal melee attack that can hit your foe once causing 180 damage
CleavePhysical attack that slashes the foe with 350 damage
Battle RageAn attack that hits all the members in your party dealing 350 damage
Pirate’s PridePhysical Attack
SliceCauses average physical damage to a single foe, only once
Battle CryBoost mode for Victorino in which he lets out his Pirate’s Bane which can deal heavy physical damage to one target

How to defeat Victorino

Before fighting Victorino, you have to get his two retainers out of the way. Fighting his retainers is quite easy as they have only 4,133 HP and 2 Sheilds.

They are vulnerable to Sword, Daggers, Lightening, and Dark so you can exploit these to get rid of them pretty easily. Their attacks include the Standard Physical Attack, Slice, and Battle Rage; all of which you can tackle easily.

After getting rid of the two retainers, you will duel with the actual boss, Victorino. He has 12,718 HP and only 5 Sheilds so the best strategy while fighting Victorino is to exploit his weakness again and again until he gives up.  

You can deal elemental damage with your spells and physical damage with swords and daggers especially using Slash Attacks.

Being a former pirate, he is a moral loser who will give his place to you without putting up much fuss.

Best party for Victorino

The best party to include while fighting Victorino are Primrose and H’aanit alongside Olberic as all of them are thieves that put their offensive skills to good use.

Olberic can use his Level Slash skill to fight off Victorino and the retainers while Primrose can use her Dagger and Dark-spell casting skills to target their weaknesses.

H’aanit is a good option because she can efficiently use Swords and Daggers. She can inflict a great deal of physical damage using these.

What else to bring to the fight?

There is not much that you need to bring to this boss fight as you are able to take Victorino down easily using a good strategy.

You need to focus on dealing Physical Damage with swords and daggers as well as recruiting suitable party members with a Thief job. This will easily subdue Victorino and his retainers with no extra effort.

After getting defeated, Victorino will give off Energizing Pomegranate as your loot. There’s also a 30% chance that the Retainers also drop Healing Grape for your loot.