Octopath Traveler Venomtooth Boss Guide

Venomtooth is one of the enemy bosses that you will encounter in the third chapter of Tressa's story in Octopath Traveler.

Venomtooth is a ferocious beast who appears in form of a huge white tiger with dangerous claws and a giant tail. He is one of the enemy bosses that you will encounter in the third chapter of Tressa’s story in Octopath Traveler.

This ferocious beast is not an easy foe to deal with as he can hit you with dangerous attacks such as Venom Fang and Tail Sweep. Furthermore, he can increase his defenses by reinforcing his Shield points from 6 to 8 and then finally to 10 making him an irritating enemy boss to deal with as well.

Nonetheless, Venomtooth can be defeated with the right strategy in Octopath Traveler. If you are interested in knowing about this beast’s weakness, then we have covered in detail about Venomtooth in this Boss Guide.  

Venomtooth location

You will encounter Venomtooth during Chapter 3 of Tressa’s story at the Forgotten Grotto in Octopath Traveler. This enraged beast will engage your party in a fight once you find a treasure chest on the north side of Qaurrycrest as you make your way toward Victors Hollow.

Venomtooth weakness

In terms of weapons, Venomtooth is weak against Polearm and Bow attacks. Similarly, in terms of elemental weakness, this beast has a weakness towards both Fire and Light attacks.

So make sure that your attacks are centered around these as you can benefit from them by causing massive damage on Venomtooth in Octopath Traveler.

Venomtooth special attacks

Venomtooth has the tendency to increase his defenses in terms of stealing SP. However, this beast can also produce nasty offensive attacks that carry quite a punch. As for his special attacks, these include:

Special AttacksWhat They Do
The Beast’s fang and claws drip with lethal poison…A pink pool of venom will appear on the left side of the Venomtooth. Both his fangs and claws will be coated with lethal poison.
The Beast jumps about, eyeing you warily…After Venomtooth drips his fangs in poison there will be a set of blue rings that will appear beneath him as he engages you in battle.
AttackThe beast will use this attack to target one of your allies, resulting in damage of ‘965’.
SweepVenomtooth will slash you with a horizontal attack inflicting massive damage of ‘1245’ on all of your party members.
Tail SweepThe beast uses this physical tail attack to target all of your party causing damage of ‘456’.
Your foe steels its defenses!Venomtooth reinforces his shields from 6 Shield Points to 8 SP and proceeds with a sweep attack on your party.
Venom FangVenomtooth will unleash this heavy attack targeting one of your party members, causing a damage rating of ‘1611’.
Peerless PoisonThis move is used by Venomtooth to increase the effects of his poison against your party SP and BP.

How to defeat Venomtooth in Octopath Traveler 

Venomtooth is a large white tiger with huge venomous claws and a large deadly tail. This beast has 6 Shield Points at the beginning of the battle. So you should start by using Olberic’s polearm strike to break its shield followed by Tressa’s fire attacks to further weaken it down.

As Venomtooth reaches 3 SP, it will sweep attacks to target your party. To counter that just use the skill Rehabilitate and proceed with the same attack pattern to take out all of its SP.

Once Venomtooth is down to his last shield, after breaking it will use the move to steel your defenses and his SP will rise from 0 to 8 Shield points first and then finally to 10 SP.

This means you will have to keep breaking his shields again using the same attack pattern. Make sure to use the cleric skills like Heal more to restore your HP as Venomtooth will target your teammates with heavy poisonous attacks. Keep at it by using Bow attacks and Polearm strikes to further weaken Venomtooth in this Boss-fight.

Finally, you can finish Venomtooth off by making use Olberic warrior skill ‘Thousand Spear’ to deal a massive Polearm attack on the beast. So, by following the above strategy you will be able to defeat Venomtooth with relative ease in Octopath Traveler.

Best party for Venomtooth

In terms of the Best party for facing Venomtooth, you can use the following party members:

She can make use of her scholar skills to deploy ‘Fireball’ on Venomtooth. This attack can result in fire damage to this beast. Moreover, Tressa can also opt to use the ‘Fire Storm’ attack to inflict massive fire damage on Venomtooth in Octopath Traveler.

He can use Polearm attacks along with second serving to break Venomtooth shields as this weapon is one of the beast’s weaknesses. Moreover, he can also carry Bow attacks to further weaken Venomtooth in this boss fight.

She can use the cleric skills ‘Holy Light’ to inflict light-based damage on Venomtooth. Similarly, Ophelia can also deploy the scholar skill ‘Fireball’ to deal a fire-based attack on this white beast tiger in Octopath Traveler.

In terms of support, she can use the ‘Heal More’ ability to restore a large amount of HP to all your teammates in the fight against Venomtooth.

He can make use of his apothecary skills ‘Rehabilitate’ in this Boss fight. By doing so, he can cure a single ally of all status ailments and render them immune to further ailments for 2 turns.

Furthermore, Alfyn can also make use of his thief skills ‘Wildfire’ to inflict a normal fire attack against Venomtooth in Octopath Traveler.

What else to bring to the fight?

Venomtooth is a dangerous opponent who will target his poisonous attacks to deplete your party members of their BP and SP. So to counter that you need to be prepared and you should bring along support items like Inspiriting Plum (M) to restore SP to a single ally from your party.

Similarly, you can also use Healing Grape Bunch and Olive of life to regenerate the HP you lose during this battle as well. As you will need that miracle of healing quite frequently in this Boss-fight in Octopath Traveler. So make sure you use skills like Heal More and Rehabilitate to keep yourselves alive and kicking against Venomtooth in Octopath Traveler.

Venomtooth drops

  • Olive of Life (M)
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