Octopath Traveler Talents Guide

Talents are unique skills that are exclusive to each character in Octopath Traveler. You cannot transfer these skills from one character to another. You also do not need to unlock talents. They become available as soon as their respective character joins your party.

Some characters are defined by their special talents in Octopath Traveler. You will often be deciding which characters to pick for your party composition based on their skills.

Hence, it becomes important to know how what each talent does in the game.

Octopath Traveler talents explained

There are a total of seven talents in Octopath Traveler with two characters sharing the same talent.

Bolster Defense (Olberic)

The Bolster Defense talent is used by the traveler Olberic Eisenberg. This character uses this unique skill to increase your party’s defense capabilities. In doing so, it increases your unit’s defense altogether against the mighty blows that they sustain from their enemies.

This also increases the defense percentage against the attacks by reducing their damage percentage with each blow. E.g. first attack damage will be reduced by 30%, whereas the second will be reduced by 45%, and so on, etc.


Study Foe (Cyrus)

The “Study Foe” skill is used by the traveler “Cyrus Albright” in Octopath Traveler. Including this traveler in your party can help you immensely as he uses this skill to determine your foe’s weakness at the beginning of the battle.

It is important to understand that Study Foe does not reveal all of your enemy’s weaknesses. Many enemies, especially bosses have several weaknesses. You will only learn one random weakness at the start of your turn.

Eye for Money (Tressa)

The “Eye for Money” skill is used by the traveler “Tressa Calzione”. She uses this unique ability to collect money that is left by the merchants etc. Adding her to your party can be very resourceful as her skill enables you to increase the money you gain.

This is relatively related to how much ground you cover and the difficulty of the area as well. This means that the more ground you cover the amount of money you collect also increases.

Summon (Ophilia and Primrose)

The “Summon” skill is used by both the travelers “Ophilia Clement” and “Primrose Azelhart”. Including them in your party could be really helpful as they use this skill to summon a townsperson which can help you in your fight.

This individual can be placed under your guidance and can also help you in the battle against your opponents by increasing your unit’s manpower.

Take note that townspersons are picked at random. The also target enemies at random.

Concoct (Alfyn)

The “Concoct” skill is used by the traveler “Alfyn Greengrass”. Using this skill he can prepare potions along with destructive elements which you can use to turn the tide of battle in your favor. This skill can assist your party in fights as deploring these items can aid your allies and their skills.

Pick Lock (Therion)

The “Pick Lock” skill is used by the traveler “Therion”. As you will come across a lot of chests especially the “Purple Treasure Chest” in Octopath traveler. These are impossible to unlock, and you will need someone with the Pick Lock ability. This will require you to have Therion in your party as the Purple and Gold Chest can be unlocked by only him  

Beast Lore (H’aanit)

The “Beast Lore” skill is used by the traveler “H’aanit”. This skill enables him to enslave monsters and beasts, and these can then be used to fight alongside you in battle.

To add these beasts to your ranks you need to use Capture and to use them in your battles you can use the option Summon Beast. The number of monsters/beasts you can enslave is six with a limited number of uses. Along with these, you can use H’aanit’s default companion “Linde” as well in your party battles with your opponents.