Octopath Traveler Omar Boss Fight Guide

Octopath Traveler is filled with a brimming RPG storyline that will keep you occupied with its adventures and enemies alike. Among the bosses that you will encounter in this game, the Omar Boss fight will be a tough one for you to deal with.

This is because his attacks carry quite a punch delivering 400+ damage on impact. Apart from this if you get hit with his special attack like “Overhead swing, Money’s worth, etc” can result in 1200+ damage, and taking multiple attacks like these would mean that you would have to fight him again.

Omar uses a two-handed battle axe and is covered in green armor. You will encounter this foe in Chapter 2 of Tressa’s story at Morlock’s Manse where he will be working for Morlock.

On Morlock’s order, Omar will fight against your party (Tressa, H’aanit, Ophilia, Cyrus). Since this boss fight poses quite a challenge for you therefore you need to increase your support skill to Level 25+.

Omar will be supported by his footmen as well, so you need to kill them first to ensure your chances of winning this Boss fight in Octopath traveler.

Omar’s weaknesses

It is vital that before engaging Omar and his footman, you should learn about their weaknesses as well. Since Omar is a dangerous adversary you will need to level up your skills. These will increase your chances of defeating him.

Omar’s weaknessOmar’s Footmen weakness

Omar’s special attacks

Attack Name Damage Effect
Attack200+Omar uses a physical attack on one of your party member
Omar tightens his defensesunknownHe uses this move to recover his defenses after your party ends up breaking them
Sideswipe450+Omar uses this move to inflict large damage on all four party members.
His Money’s Worth1300+This large attack is focused on just one party member.
Slice300+Omar’s footmen target one of your party members.
Vacuum Slice450+Omar’s footmen attack all four party members with a moderate attack.
Violent Attack300+His footmen target random party members.

How to defeat Omar in Octopath Traveler

To defeat Omar you will have to include these members in your party

  • Tressa
  • H’aanit
  • Ophilia
  • Cyrus

Important Note: After the first wave of your attack there will be a Break sign displayed on the screen. This will instigate that Omar and his Footman’s defense has been shattered and this increases the shield level as well. So you need to keep the attack flowing on him.

Party membersBoostOptionsOn OmarOn footman
H’aanitBeast Lore(Summon)Flat land Froggen III122+119+  
 (Summon)Linde141+197+ 192+  
OphiliaCleric SkillsLuminescence293+228+224+ 
Cyrus Scholar SkillsIcewind478+369+374+478
Tressa Attack136+ 
H’aanitBeast Lore(Summon) Attack (x4)Linde (x2)  Arrow Storm141+  622+197+ 192+  327+327+
Cyrus Scholar SkillsIcewind478+369+374+478
Tressa Attack136+ 
OphiliaCleric SkillsLuminescence449+230+227+ 
 Attack(x4)Cleric SkillsLuminescence1662+840+830+

As Omar proceeds to attack you, you need to keep your healing up. Ophilia can offer support here and heal your party members. You also need to increase Cyrus’s BP and continue onwards with his Blizzard attacks.

Remember to restore the SP for your party members during this Boss fight as Omar has a high HP and will test your mettle in this fight.

By following these attack patterns and using these party members, you will defeat Omar in Octopath Traveler.