Octopath Traveler Lizardman Chieftain Boss Guide

Lizardman Chieftain is a lizard-like creature boss (obviously) in Octopath Traveler who you will encounter in the final chapter of Olberic.

Lizardman Chieftain is a lizard-like creature boss (obviously) in Octopath Traveler who you will encounter in the final chapter of Olberic.

During the fight, he will summon several Sand Lizardking that prevents you from dealing damage to Lizardman Chieftain as it will block his weakness to weapons and attributes.

After you get rid of the Sand Lizardking, Defeating Lizardman Chieftain is easy as he has very low health. This whole job will be made a whole lot easier If you have scholars and thieves in your party.  

Lizardman Chieftain location

In Octopath Traveler, you will come across Lizardman Chieftain during Olberic’s Chapter 3. For that, you have to travel to the Lizardmen’s Den located in the Sunderland region.

Lizardman Chieftain weaknesses

Choosing the best weapon before fighting is important as this will allow you to choose the one with the most damage to the enemy.

Lizardman Chieftain’s weakness towards weapons goes towards Sword, Daggers, and Axe, therefore, attacking him with these will inflict maximum damage. As far as physical attribute weakness goes, he is weak towards light and lightning.

Lizardman Chieftain Special Attacks

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Summon ComradeWith this attack, 3 of the Lizardman Chieftain’s weaknesses will be blocked off and at the same time, 2 Sand Lizardkings will be summoned to help.
Armor CrushWith this attack, your physical defense will be reduced, and receive significant physical damage.
WallopIf attacked with Wallop, any one of the team members will get unconscious with heavy odds.

How to defeat Lizardman Chieftain in Octopath Traveller

The fight with Lizardman Chieftain is simple as it just involves defeating Sand Lizardkings which he will summon during the whole fight. As long as there are Sand Lizardkings in the arena, Lizardman Chieftain’s 3 out of 5 weaknesses will be blocked.

To deal further damage to the Lizardman Chieftain, you need to get rid of Sand Lizardkings. As Lizardman Chieftain has a low health pool of 3000, he will not be very hard to defeat if you attack him using lightning and Axe attacks.

Your life will be a whole lot easier bringing down Sand Lizardkings if you bring a couple of scholars to your party. To deal maximum damage to Lizardman Chieftain, we recommend bringing a thief with a dagger as his primary weapon.

Lizardman Chieftain drops

  • Lizardking’s Axe
  • Healing Grape Bunch

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