Octopath Traveler Items Guide – Where To Find Items And Materials

Items can be very useful in Octopath Traveler. They can do many things such as healing your ally or making sure, they do not suffer from a particular effect such as blindness any longer. There are quite a few items in the game, and this Octopath Traveler Items Guide will acquaint you with all of them.

This Octopath Traveler Items Guide will tell you about all of the items are that are found in Octopath Traveler along with how they are used so that you can make the most of them.

Finding Octopath Traveler Items

Octopath Traveler items can be found in many places. However, there are two ways to get them. Either you can find them at one of their locations or you can try to steal them from someone. Remember that if you fail to steal them, then there will be repercussions such as a massive loss of reputation with the people who are in that town. That loss in reputation could spiral into further consequences and cause you a lot of hardship.

Let us go ahead and look at each of the items in the game along with a basic description of how they are to be used.


Addlewort is a material that can be used by Apothecaries. This item is known for having befuddling effects that can be very useful if you manage to use it on a dangerous enemy.

Essence of Pomegranate

The primary purpose of this component is to restore the fighting spirit. This can be used to turn the tide of the battle once you have suffered a fair amount of losses. This is another item that is used by apothecaries.

Healing Grape

Healing Grape is used to mainly to restore the HP. One of these items can only restore the HP of a single ally, so it is best to have a few of them in case you end up needing them.

Inspiriting Plum

This is like the Healing Grape, but instead of restoring HP, it restores SP.

Inspiriting Plum Basket

As the name would suggest, this item is quite similar to the one above it. The only difference between the two is that the basket restores SP to all of the allies rather than just a single one.

Refreshing Jam

This is a great item since it restores both HP and SP to one of your allies.

Olive of Life

There are two variants of this item. The standard one restores HP and revives a fallen ally of yours. The M variant is the same except for the fact that the amount of HP that is restored to the revived ally is increased significantly.

Herb of Clamor

This item is used to cure an ally of yours of the silence ailment.

Herb of Light

This item is used to cure an ally from the blindness ailment.

Herb of Clarity

This item is used to cure an ally from the Confusion ailment.

Ice Soulstone

Now we will be looking at items that are aggressive. This item is used to deal ice damage to all of the enemies.

Shadow Soulstone

This item is just like the Ice Soulstone. However, instead of dealing ice damage this item deals dark damage to everyone around him or her.

Large Feather

This item is not really something that can be used by you. However, you can sell this item for a price. The price is not a lot but it can help you buy other stuff that you require.

Old Coin

This is another item that does not have any particular use for you. However, you can sell this item and it will get you a good price for itself, meaning you can buy more of the items that you need.

That is all we have for our Octopath Traveler Items Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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