Octopath Traveler Heathcote Boss Guide

Heathcote was once a thief before becoming a butler in Octopath Traveler. He is one of the bosses Therion faces in his story chapters.

Heathcote is one of the bosses that you will face during your ventures in Octopath Traveler. He is a butler who serves House Ravus. He will sneak up on your character Therion during the first chapter of the game as you proceed through the Ravus Manor in search of the dragonstones.

He is not a hard enemy to beat. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can take him out easily without knowing his weaknesses. Furthermore, it also depends on how you approach this boss fight as Heathcote can buff his SP if you decide to take him on with your party members.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to defeat this enemy boss in OT, then we have covered all the details related to Heathcote in this Boss Guide.

Heathcote location

You will encounter Heathcote during Chapter 1 of Therion’s character at the Ravus Manor’s L2 section. He will appear suddenly from behind and will applaud you for making it this far into the manor.

He was the one who basically spun the tale about the great treasure of the Ravus Manor in order to lure the thieves but none of them were able to progress far.

As you try to leave Heathcote will block your way and engage you in combat assisted by a soldier as well.

Heathcote weaknesses

Heathcote’s weakness lies in both “Dagger attacks and Bow attacks”. In terms of elemental damage, he is weak towards “Fire attacks and Ice attacks”. So you need to capitalize on these weaknesses of his to break his shields and inflict heavy damage on Heathcote in Octopath Traveler. Moreover, he is also susceptible to “poison” which can be included in his weakness list.

Heathcote special attacks

Heathcote is an average Boss whose attacks can cause medium damage to your character. As he is buffed with 4 SP and his guard also joins in on the fight you need to be careful in targeting their weaknesses to win this boss fight in Octopath Traveler.

In terms of Job attributes, Heathcote is a five-star thief himself. However, keep in mind that if you face him with all four party members his SP will increase to 8 making him difficult to defeat. His special attacks include:

Special AttacksWhat They Do
AttackHeathcote will slash you with normal attacks which will result in damage of “30 to 40”.
SliceHe uses this sword attack to instill a vertical slash which results in a damage rating of “40 to 50”.
Double SpearHe uses this attack to inflict a damage rating of  “17” on your character.
SweepThis attack is similar to double spear but this time he uses this attack to insert a single hit move on Therion.His guards can also use the spear to attack you as well.
Steel DefensesHeathcote’s defenses will be reinforced which usually lasts around 3 turns.
Violent Slash Heathcote’s guard uses this attack to deal damage of 10 or sometimes even lower damage rating on your character.
Heathcote summoned a retainer…Using this move Heathcote can use another guard if you end up finishing off the first one assisting him.
Heathcote hops lightly…Heathcote uses this at the end of the battle allowing him to evade your attack with ease for 2 turns.
Stunning StrikerAs the fight nears its end, Heathcote will end up using this move as he heightens his senses. It allows him to attack you, but it also has a high chance of missing as well.

How to defeat Heathcote in Octopath Traveler

Heathcote starts with 4 Shield Points  (SP) whereas the guard assisting him has 3 SP. This will be the case for you if you decide to fight him using Therion only. If you proceed with using all four members his SP will increase to 8 prolonging the fight for you.

The main thing you should do at the start of the fight is to engage him using Dagger attacks followed by Fire attacks using the fire Soulstone. This will break Heathcote Shield Points and allow you to inflict heavy damage on both him and his guard as well.

His ally guard will keep his resistance up and damage you with average attacks. If you proceed to take him out and then focus on Heathcote then he will summon another guard as a backup to assist him which will make the fight more irritating for you, so keep your focus mainly on the boss himself.

Heathcote can use his slice and double spear attack to decrease your SP so make sure you heal up and use accessories to gain back Shield Points. Keep up with the attack pattern and use the Ice attacks to further lower his SP and once you have broken all his shield points you can finish him off using the Thief skills “Wildfire” to deal heavy fire damage on Heathcote.

What else to bring to the fight?

You should bring along healing items like “Olive of Life (M), Energizing Pomegranate (M), etc.” You can steal these from him and his guard as well during the fight. These can be used to replenish the health you lose during this boss fight.

Moreover, you should use accessories that can increase your SP as his attacks can significantly damage your character.

Heathcote drops

  • Energizing Pomegranate (M)
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