Octopath Traveler Guardian Of The First Flame Boss Guide

You are going to encounter the Guardian of the First Flame while exploring the Cave of Origin in Frostlands in Octopath Traveler.

The first chapter of Ophilia’s story allows you to take on Guardian of the First Flame in Octopath Traveler. This boss’s difficulty level depends on the number of party members you have while attempting the battle. The boss primarily lies on its sword attacks to inflict damage on your party members. You also have to look for the summons the boss can perform during the combat.

You need to know precisely how to benefit from the boss’s weaknesses to eliminate its summons and progress with the search for Flame for Ophilia. Additionally, you can easily find the Guardian of the First Flame after knowing its location.

Guardian of the First Flame location

While progressing through the first chapter of Ophilia, you will find out about the journey that is being planned by her sister Lianna toward the Cave of Origin. The people of their area perform this task once every twenty years and consider this action equivalent to Holy Pilgrimage.

Lianna’s father falls sick, so she cannot visit the cave, and instead, you have to make the visit to earn the First Flame required for the Kindling.

You are going to encounter the Guardian of the First Flame while exploring the Cave of Origin in Frostlands. This path is actually a part of Ophilia’s main story, so your interaction with Octopath Traveler Guardian of the Flame is inevitable. So it is crucial to understand the boss’s vulnerabilities.

Guardian of the First Flame weaknesses

The boss shows significant weakness against the Physical attacks performed by a Sword, Dagger and Staves. You need to equip these weapons on your characters to end the battle quickly.

You can also exploit the boss’s weakness against the Ice and Wind elemental damage. So having these attacks ensures you break your enemy Shield Points easily and put it under the break state.

You can win the battle quickly by exploiting these weaknesses, but knowing about incoming attacks from the boss helps you in preparing well for the combat.

Guardian of the First Flame special attacks

The boss cannot perform a wide range of attacks on its own, but the Dark Wisps summoned by the boss are pretty annoying, so it is better to understand everything.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
SweepSword attack that deals damage to the whole party.
PyreFire elemental attack deals good damage to one of your party members.
Flames of the HeavenFire elemental attack deals good damage to the whole party.
The Trial BeginsThe boss summons three Dark Wisps if your party contains four members, and the number reduces if you have fewer protagonists while combatting the boss.
Self-immolationDark Wisps performs physical attacks dealing massive damage to your whole squad.

How to defeat Guardian of the First Flame in Octopath Traveler

The most efficient way of defeating this boss is to utilize its weaknesses. You need to ensure that you have party members who can perform physical and elemental attacks using the resources that exploit the vulnerabilities of the enemy.

Equip your players with swords and daggers to quickly break down enemy SP and move toward high-damaging attacks, as you can kill your foes in a broken state.

You need to focus on the Dark Wisps summoned by the boss and try to exploit these small creatures’ weaknesses against the Staves and Bow attacks to land substantial damage. Additionally, if you can perform Fire or Lightning elemental damage while combatting these creatures, you can defeat the boss quickly.

You must ensure you defeat these summons before focusing all your power on the Octopath Traveler Guardian of the First Flame. Keep repeating the attacks using the same weapons to finish the boss quickly.

Best party for Guardian of the First Flame

You can take on the boss by playing Ophilia, as the difficulty level depends on your number of party members. However, if you are struggling, including Cyrus and Therion in your party is recommended.

Ophilia can provide healing to your party members, while both other protagonists got the ability to exploit the weakness of the enemy.

First, use simple attacks on breaking the shields and then go for high-damaging attacks of Cyrus and Theroin against the Guardian of the First Flame in Octopath Traveler.

What else to bring to the fight?

Similar to most of the other boss fights, you need healing items. Hence, make sure to bring Healing Grapes to help your character survive against the Guardian in Octopath Traveler.

Guardian of the First Flame drops

  • 1,200 Leaves
  • Inspiriting Plum Basket
  • EXP 30
  • JP 20

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