How To Get The Fleetfoot Achievement In Octopath Traveler

To unlock the Fleetfoot achievement, you must complete the first four chapters for any specific character of Octopath Traveler within eight hours.

The tasks seem very difficult, but with the right strategy, you can earn the Octopath Traveler Fleetfoot Achievement even quicker than the allotted time limit.

You do not have to recruit any other characters or take on the game’s extra content during this time. Focusing on a single-character story is what gets your Fleetfoot Achievement in Octopath Traveler.

How to get the Octopath Traveler Fleetfoot achievement

Select your desired character

The first thing you are going to do after starting your journey is to get the best character for this challenge. Surprisingly, this Achievement is possible with all the available game characters. But with some characters, such as Tressa, it is just a little bit easier.

Choose your character, make your way through Chapter 1, and complete it by defeating the chapter Boss. The final Boss of the chapter differs according to your character. You can take them down with ease and proceed further to Chapter 2. Here things will start to get serious for you in Octopath Traveler.

Unlock Evasive Maneuvers

The one thing that plays the most crucial role in obtaining Fleetfoot Achievement is this Evasive Maneuvers skill. You need to collect 130 JP to unlock it which you can do so by eliminating monsters. You will also be visiting the small towns in the areas to unlock the teleportation points for later use.


Collect the amount and head toward the Western Noblecourt Flats after visiting the saving point in North Atlasdam Flats. From there, you need to proceed southeast and try to run away from the monsters in this area to save time. You will face a  Night Raven and a giant unreal sheep. Try to run away from both, and if you die in the process, then keep repeating the process until you reach your destination.

Evasive Maneuvers is a Scholar skill so ensure that you have the correct job.

Spam Evasive Maneuvers

Now you need to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. The passive of this particular ability allows you to move through areas without triggering random encounters which saves time.

Use the teleportation points to travel to different areas to farm chests and earn hefty some of money. You can use the money to buy gear and other essential items that will help you against the boss fights. The stronger armor and equipment will ensure that you do not have to retry the battles dozen times and can complete the Fleetfoot Achievement within the given time limit.

Buy the Gear

After collecting money from around the area of Octopath Traveler, you need to get the best gear to set up against the enemies. You need to get the most suitable items according to your character. You can visit the areas of Grandport, Goldshore, Saintsbridge, and Noblecourt to get different accessories. Fighting gear must include a spear, bow, shield, armor, helm, and multiple accessories.

Get the gear and move ahead with chapter 2.

Manage your SP

The SP is a crucial aspect of Octopath Traveler, which can turn the tide of the battle. You need to use your SP wisely and regenerate it by understanding how to level up fast in Octopath Traveler. Use passive abilities and other items, such as Inspiring Plum, to restore your SP before going into battles.

It becomes easy to restore SP when you select Tressa at the start of your journey, as her Rest ability allows her to restore SP.

Acquire helpful items

The items that could help you in several conditions depend on your character. But once you acquire the right items, you will have a much more standing chance against the monster or other chapter bosses.

Platinum ArmorMarsalim or RiverfordHigh defence against physical attacks
High House’s ArmorMarsalimFire Resistance
Crystal HelmDragonson FaneBest physical defense
Calming StoneQuicksand CavesResistance against Terror
Conscious StoneDragonson FaneResistance against Unconscious
Antidote StoneHollow ThroneResistance against Poison
Wakeful StoneIce DragonResistance against Sleep
Bright StoneTomb of KingsResistance against Blindness

All these things can provide you boost in your combat. You are ready to take on the remaining three chapters to unlock Octopath Traveler Fleetfoot and lone Traveler Achievement.

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