Octopath Traveler Devourer Of Men Boss Guide

Devourer of Men is a boss in Octopath Traveler whom you will fight in Into Thin Air side quest. The...

Devourer of Men is a boss in Octopath Traveler whom you will fight in Into Thin Air side quest. The quest is easy to find, and you can get it right after entering Victors Hollow. In this quest, the Laconic Father will ask you to save her daughter Ellie from the Devourer of Men and bring her back. The Octopath Traveler Devourer of Men fight will start right after you find Ellie and start a conversation with her.

Where to find Ellie in Octopath Traveler

Finding Ellie is the first step in completing the Into Thin Air side quest and fighting the Devourer of Men boss in Octopath Traveler. Finding her is a pretty simple job. All you have to do is from the Victors Hollow arena gate, head to the Forest of No Return.

Once inside the forest, continue to travel towards the corner on the northeast side. Once you get there, you will find Ellie. Start the conversation with Ellie, and the boss will appear to fight you.

Octopath Traveler Devourer of Men fight

The fight with the Devourer of Men in Octopath Traveler will take two breaks. In both these breaks, the Devourer of Men weaknesses will change, so you must be prepared for them. When the fight starts, the boss will have 4 Defense shields.

In the initial phase of the fight, the Devourer of Men will be weak against the Staves, Fire, Spear, and Dagger, so you need to make sure you have allies to use these weapons and deal significant damage. Before we get into details like how the boss’s weaknesses will change in two breaks, let’s talk about the boss’s attacks so you can prepare yourself for them.

  • Attack: It is a physical attack that will damage a single target.
  • Charge: The charge attack will also target one of your allies and deal more physical damage.
  • Black Magic: This can blind your unit for 2 to 5 turns.
  • Spirit Away: Devourer can use this attack to take out a member of your team. The member will appear again when the boss breaks.
  • Shadow Magic: It is another elemental attack that can damage all of your allies in Octopath Traveler.

Other than that, there are attacks that the boss will only use when both Deadly Spores are out, and the boss’s health falls below 50%.


First break

When the first beak occurs in the fight, the boss will increase its shield by 4, and now it is 8. Along with the change in Defense Shields, the weaknesses of Devourer of Men will also change. After this break, the boss is weak against the Wind, Axes, and Bows.

Second break

After breaking the boss for the second time, its weaknesses will change to Wind, Axes, and Bows. Moreover, the Defense Shield will increase by 3 and stop at 11. Now the boss’s weaknesses will remain the same in the rest of the battle so that you can focus on it entirely.

Battle strategy

To take out this boss, the main thing that you need to focus on is Deadly Spores in Octopath Traveler. The boss will bring two dealy spores with him in the battle, and after taking them out in the other half of the battle, he will summon a pair again.

You can take out Deadly Spore by taking advantage of their weaknesses against the Wind, Sword, Axe, and Spear. To tackle them, you need to bring a Sorcerer. They would die if the sorcerer managed to hit them thrice with wind spells.

After taking out the spores, the boss will only trouble you a little. The boss will not trouble you much, didn’t mean it is an easy boss to defeat.

To take him out, you still need to grind a lot. You need to watch out for the Spirit Away attack of the Devourer, as after that, one of your party members becomes unavailable, and you have to break the boss. You have to ensure that another character like Tressa is at your party. Tressa can use an elemental rune attack on the party called Transfer Rune to speed up the fight with the boss.

Moreover, whenever you get time between battles, you can use the Tressa Rest attack to heal your unit and recover SP in Octopath Traveler. Just continue to hit the boss with the attacks it is weak against, and eventually, you will be able to take it out.

Once the Devourer of Men is defeated, you must take Ellie back to her Laconic Father and collect your reward for completing the Into Thin Air side quest. You will be rewarded with 900 Leaves and Deathly Blade for completing this quest in Octopath Traveler.

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