Octopath Traveler Darius Boss Guide

Darius is the one who placed all the wanted posters for Therion. He is the final boss of Therion's story chapters in Octopath Traveler.

Darius is the boss of the final chapter of Therion’s story in Octopath Traveler. He is looking for Therion as he has placed wanted posters with Therion’s face on them all over the town.

Upon his encounter with Therion, Darius is confronted and this initiates the boss fight. You need to defeat Darius to take back the dragonstones but for that, you will need to know about this boss’s weakness to exploit and special attacks to protect yourself against.

Darius location

Darius is the boss of the final fourth chapter of Therion’s story in Octopath Traveler. Darius is waiting for you in the Lorn Cathedral Cellars of the Frostlands where Therion stumbles upon while looking for the missing dragonstones.

Upon your encounter with Darius, he will tell you that he wishes to be powerful and also to take away any hope that Therion has.

Darius weaknesses

Darius’s Physical weaknesses include three weapons in Octopath Traveler. You can use Spear, Dagger, and Axe to deal high damage to Darius and take him down.

Darius is also susceptible to the elements of Ice and Wind which can be used in spells. Ice and Wind elemental damage will swiftly take down Darius’s HP and weaken his shields.

If you exploit these weaknesses, eventually Darius will be left with no choice but to surrender and you will win.

Darius special attacks

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Steal ItemNo items can be used by any member of your party
Steal HPA Single-target attack that results in a decrease in HP which adds to Darius’s HP
Steal SPA Single-target attack that results in a decrease in SP which adds to Darius’s SP
SweepPhysical Attack causing damage to all party members
NighthawkPhysical Attack that lowers your Physical Defense
Will O’ WispSingle target attack causing Physical damage
Darius let out a Battle CryBoost mode for Darius in which he attacks thrice in each turn

How to defeat Darius in Octopath Traveler

Darius is a boss with an exceptional amount of HP that adds up to 98,923. This takes a lot of time to deteriorate so fighting him can be a bit challenging.

Darius will have 4 Shields at the start of the fight. However, he can increase his Shields to 8 during the fight. This is one of his more annoying abilities.

To defeat Darius, you need to use Dagger Attack and Axe Attack with their boosts. This will inflict Physical damage that can weaken Darius’s defense.

If you have Teresa on your team, you can use her ‘Hired Help’ attack that can cause variable amounts of damage depending on the help summoned by Darius in Octopath Traveler.

Therion’s ‘Lion Dance’ can support 1 ally to have a powerful attack for the next 2 turns and ‘Peacock Strut’ can augment a single member’s attack for the next 2 turns.

‘Alephan’s Enlightenment’ can be used with Cyrus as this allows him to focus all his magic on the target causing immense Elemental Damage.

Icicle Attack can be used for Ice Elemental Damage and further spells based on Wind damage can also be used to win victory over Darius.

Best party for Darius

Therion, Tressa, Cyrus, and H’aanit form the best party to defeat Darius in Octopath Traveler.

Thieves have Daggers as their primary weapons so characters with this job can be helpful in taking down Darius. The spear weakness can also be exploited by having a traveler with a warrior job on your team.

Cyrus is a great scholar who can target Darius’s Ice and Wind weaknesses. He can also analyze the boss using his Study Foe talent. If equipped with the Merchant Job, Cyrus can have greater coverage of Darius’s vulnerabilities.  

Tressa is a merchant equipped with Wind magic that can be used to attack Darius and inflict great elemental damage.

Therion is a thief with a Dagger as his weapon. Darius is vulnerable to a dagger and being a thief Therion can steal HP as well as SP. This grants him high survivability in the fight against Darius boss.

H’aanit can be equipped with a Warrior or a Thief Job. The Warrior job will increase her Physical Prowess while the Thief Job will provide her with an additional weapon and elemental spells.

What else to bring to the fight?

In your fight against Darius in Octopath Traveler, you cannot rely upon any items. The only thing that can be useful in this boss fight is a good fighting strategy.

Darius has a ‘Steal Item’ attack that prevents any member of your party to use any item. This renders all the items useless against Darius.

If you manage to avoid this attack, you can use ‘Healing Grape’ to restore your health and ‘Energizing Pomegranate’ to revive your BP.

Darius drops

  • Red Apple
  • 15000 Leaves
  • EXP 1500
  • JP 1000

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