Octopath Traveler Danger Levels Guide – Indications, Enemies, Rewards

Not a lot of games have a way of letting you know how much danger you are in since that is sometimes what makes the game exciting. However, you can actually find out how much danger you are in at a particular moment if you use this Octopath Traveler Danger Levels Guide.

Our Octopath Traveler Danger Levels Guide will tell you all about the Danger Levels that are a part of the game and how you can use them in order to be more careful on your journey through the game.

Octopath Traveler Danger Levels

All of the hostile areas in the game have a number attached to them that is used to determine how much danger there is. You can spot the level in the bottom left corner whenever you move into a new area. The Danger Level could be as low as 10 or it could be as high as 45.

You can use this option to see how hard the enemies will be in the area that you are going to. They do not tell you what level you should be at but a higher level generally means that enemies will be harder to beat.

What does Danger Level Mean?

You will notice a certain pattern with the Danger Levels as you continue to play the game. As you move out more and more from the central regions of the map, you will see that the Danger Levels of the new areas are also increasing by quite a bit.

Therefore, keep this in mind before you decide to branch out in a particular direction and decide to go beyond the areas that you are familiar and comfortable with.

However, it is also worthwhile to remember that if an area has a higher Danger Level; it does not mean that only the enemies will be tougher. It also means that the rewards you get while you are in those areas will be much greater than those of the central regions will.

This means that as you progress forward in the game, there will come a time when your level will be high enough that the rewards in the central regions will not be enough to satisfy you.

When that happens, that is the time when you need to start branching out and visit the edges of the map. This will allow you to get better rewards and deal with enemies that actually provide you with a challenge.

The dungeons in the areas that have a Danger Level of about 45 seem to have the best loot in the entire game, so remember to pay them a visit whenever you are near them.

That is all we have for our Octopath Traveler Danger Levels Guide. Let us know if you have any questions using the comments section below!

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