How To Get Captain’s Badge In Octopath Traveler

Captain’s Badge is an accessory in Octopath Traveler that helps you greatly in your fights and EXP farming.

If you want to earn more XP after each battle, you have come to the right place. Octopath Traveler Captain Badge is an accessory that helps you greatly in your fights and EXP farming. Although you must complete a side quest to earn this accessory, it is worth it.

How to get Captain’s Badge in Octopath Traveler

This accessory helps you get to the end faster; you will want to get your hands on this thing. It affects the character who has this and rewards every party member with + 50% XP. It is quite a powerful accessory that will help you greatly in upcoming boss fights.

However, you can only acquire the Captain Badge in Octopath Traveler once you have completed Olberic’s story. So, invest most of your time in completing Olberic’s story. It also helps Warmaster increase his XP by +50%, which is quite helpful in fighting powerful opponents.

To be able to avail of this benefit, you need to complete the side quest (Back with Bale), and for completing this quest, you will be rewarded with an experience farming Badge.

Back with Bale walkthrough

Fast travel to the Wellspring, Sunlands, as shown on the map. Travel to your west for a minute, and you will see a house on the character’s right. Enter the house and interact with the man (Bale) sitting behind the table.

At first, Bale tries to talk to you, but the guard interrupts by saying that the captain (Bale) is busy. Then after his guard has left, you should try to talk to him again. He will tell you that he has a friend (Donovan), a bishop in Goldshore Cathedral, and he hasn’t heard from him in a while.

After this conversation is over, fast travel to Goldshore in the Coastlands. Head east and take the first right to the Goldshore Manor District. Up north, you will see a Cathedral. Go to it using a couple of stairs and head inside.

Interact with the man standing ahead. He will tell you his name is Donovan, and he is the bishop of the Cathedral. He will also mention that he is so occupied that he doesn’t get time to post a letter to tell his friend about himself.

Head back to Bale’s house

Use Alfyn to inquire about his condition and head back to Wellspring via fast travel. Using the same route, head to the Bale’s house. Share Donovan’s condition with him. After learning about his condition, he will be pleased knowing he is doing good.

He will talk about when he and Donovan met back in the day. He was wrongly arrested for the kidnapping of Donovan’s wife by the knights of Ardante. Considering he is a traveler looking for work, he thinks he will be hanged.

But then Lord Woodward, the head of the knights Ardante and Donovan, believed he was innocent and freed him. They then caught the real villain behind the kidnapping. He also believes that these days made him where he stands today.

He then remembers Donovan and leaves the house and rewards the character with 9 thousand coins and a Captain Badge for telling him about Donovan’s condition.

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