Octopath Traveler Best Summons Guide

Octopath Traveler allows players to fill out their party with NPC summons so let us explain which ones are the best to use.

In Octopath Traveler, players can summon different NPCs in the battles that can aid them. These characters should be recruited in the party keeping in view the requirements of the battles. But for that, you need to know about Octopath Traveler best summons to help you out in different situations.

These characters give many benefits to the players. Above that, they also take damage in place of Ophilia or Primrose. Players should not simply keep on adding characters based on the damage they can give. Healing is also a critical phenomenon required to succeed in the battle, especially when you are involved in a boss fight.

Best NPCs to summon in Octopath Traveler

Choosing to summon the right character at the right time is the key to surviving in Octopath Traveler. Players, therefore, should grow parties in a way that they have NPCs with different abilities so they can summon them for different tasks.

It won’t matter how much damage your character can give if the enemy is only weak against arrows. Therefore, players should keep all these factors in mind. Here is the list of the best NPC players must have in their party. 

Luckless Sell Sword

Luckless Sell Sword is the best character players can recruit in Octopath Traveler for their aid. Players can find this mighty NPC in the Noble court. A “Prince of Vengeance” side quest will start as players speak to Luckless Sell Sword in Noble court.

In the quest, players must travel to Atlasdam, Goldshore, and Duskbarrow and bring back the loot Luckless Sell Sword’s allies stole as they betrayed him. As players return his loot, he will reward them well 6500 Leaf.


Luckless, when summoned, does two hits and can strike opponents for a thousand damage. He will almost bring down all the enemy stats in 3 successive turns and therefore is the best summons in the entire Octopath Traveler to buff your party. After 3 turns, he debuffs the enemies reducing all their stats. Luckless changes his name to “Satisfied man” after the side quest, which is a little weird but another fact.


After Luckless Sell Sword, Therion is the strongest NPC players can recruit. Players can find this Townsperson in the starting area of Therion’s, located in the Cliffside town of Bolderfall.

Therion, like Luckless Sell Sword, throws excellent damage to enemies. His random attacks can strike enemies with two thousand damage, and that’s not all. He has an extraordinary Guillotine attack that destroys the enemy by striking six thousand damage.

The damage Therion gives is more significant than Luckless’s; however, recruiting him requires some chores. To recruit Therion, players must bring Ophilia or Primrose into their party and defeat the NPC at the old man’s home entrance with H’aanit or Olberic. 


Cleric is a healing character and can be found in Goldshore Cathedral. On the battlefield, where striking a huge damage is essential, healing yourself is equally important. Cleric helps players to heal with his healing magic and can restore 1500 health and twenty-five SP.

His healing ability doesn’t mean that he can’t damage at all. Cleric can also damage enemies with his light magic. As players fight against the boss and use H’aanit and Cyrus, their multiple attacks burn their SP quickly.

Here, Cleric’s ability to restore SP is of great advantage. Players should take care of Cleric’s Elemental Defense stat. The ability of Cleric to heal greatly depends on this stat, and any loss in it can affect his ability making him useless.

Summarizing it all for Cleric, his four abilities make him the best choice to summon.

  • Persistence: Status enhancements will last for one additional turn.
  • Inner Strength: Increases SP by 50.
  • Saving Grace: Heal the character beyond their maximum HP.

Courageous CrowHerd

Courageous CrowHerd is a townsperson in the Cobblestone. He can strike heavy damage to enemies by using the dung of the animals at his farm. In the battle, when players summon Courageous CrowHerd, they can throw clods of cow poop on the enemies, thus creating hurdles for enemies.

Courageous CrowHerd can be summoned during the Fertile Fields sidequest in which players are required to get some dung from the Cowherd. All this is done to save kindly farmer’s harvests. Courageous Crowherd’s weapon choice can rebirth the dying crops lacking nutrients.

This NPC is not the most robust character, but his abilities are useful and add a little humor to the game; therefore, he is also one of the best NPCs to be summoned.

Olneo and Marina Colzione

Olneo and Marina Colzione are Tressa’s parents and run a shop in Rippletide. Marina, out of both, is the even better choice to summon. Marina is an expert at shooting arrows and can attack enemies with these arrows. This is not all; her Minneston accent can put most Midwestern moms to shame and thus can be great against the enemies.

Olneo isn’t at a level to be called the best NPC to be recruited, as Marina can be recruited similarly, so why not? To recruit both Olneo and Marina, players must compete in Tressa’s first chapter and get anyone of Primrose or Ophilia in their party.


Ogen is also a great NPC that players can summon while fighting with the final boss. To recruit Ogen to the party, players first need to complete “Ogen’s Epilogue” side story. To start this quest, players need to travel to Northreach in the Frostlands. Players will find Ogen near his wife’s grave, and as soon as players talk to him, the quest begins. 

In the side quest, players must travel toward Victors Hollow to buy Ogen’s wife’s favorite flowers. After that, players need to return those flowers to Ogen, and the quest will be completed. When summoned, Ogen can heal all party members to 9999 HP, which can be of great advantage.