Octopath Traveler Behemoth Fight Guide

The Behemoth is a giant, one-eyed, elephant-like beast that you will (probably) encounter in the early stages of Octopath Traveler.

The Behemoth is a giant, one-eyed, elephant-like beast that you will (probably) encounter in the early stages of Octopath Traveler. This is an optional boss and isn’t part of the main story.

The Behemoth is one of the few beasts that can be captured, like the Devourer of Dreams, but there is a very low chance of that. In order to capture this beast, you will first have to defeat it in battle.

This boss is very strong because although it doesn’t have a lot of HP, it does have a lot of shields and strong attacks that will always keep you on your toes. You will have a lot of trouble facing this beast if you don’t have the right party with you since this boss has very few weaknesses.

But, before you learn how to defeat Behemoth in Octopath Traveler, you must first know where to find it.

Behemoth location

You will be able to find Behemoth deep within the “Tomb of the Imperator”. This tomb is located in the Western Stillsnow Wilds – northwest of Stillsnow.

This is a hard place with a danger level of 35, so it is recommended to visit this place after you’ve started the third chapter of your travelers and upgraded them quite a bit.

You will find a lot of different monsters in this area, but the Behemoth boss will come toward the end – in a room that contains the chest holding a Goalbreaker.

Behemoth weaknesses

You would be able to beat Behemoth smoothly just as you would with other bosses – by learning about its weaknesses.

Bosses in Octopath Traveler have shields that need to be broken by attacking their weaknesses. Each boss will have a different number of shields and their own specific weaknesses.

Behemoth has 10 shields in total which is a lot! Its total HP, however, isn’t a lot and amounts to a total of 12,341. It generally has three weaknesses: Dagger, Staff, and Light.

You can straight up use these weaknesses without having to find them out yourself via trial and error and wasting your moves.

Behemoth special attacks

Behemoth has a lot of attacks in his arsenal – and you would be surprised to see how much damage they deal. Its basic attacks include a standard attack that deals damage to a single target.

Other than that, Behemoth has a few special attacks it uses in the later stages of the game which deal a lot of damage – like the Boar Rush attack which deals around 2000 damage in a single turn.

Special AttacksWhat Do They Do
ChargeA physical attack that targets a single unit
StampedeA heavy physical attack that targets the whole party at once.
Gather StrengthIncreases Behemoth’s physical attack damage for the following 4 turns

How to defeat Behemoth

Aside from targeting Behemoth’s weaknesses, there are a few other things you should keep in mind when fighting this boss – bringing the best party and coming prepared with the right items.

Best Party for Behemoth

The best party you need to bring to fighting Behemoth should be characters that can target Behemoth’s weaknesses, like:

  • Therion
  • H’aanit
  • Ophilia
  • Cyrus

Your main strategy is to break Behemoth as quickly as possible and attack it head-on with everything you have got while it is defenseless. You won’t need to hit it a lot since it only has around 12k HP.

Additionally, it is very important to heal constantly during the fight as Behemoth’s attack can heavily damage you. Healers like Ophilia will be a huge help in this case, healing all of her teammates.

Aside from healing, Ophilia can also use Light attacks from her Cleric skill – hence targeting one of Behemoth’s weaknesses and contributing heavily to a shield break.

Another thing you can do is weaken Behemoth, so you don’t take as much damage from its attacks. Therion as a thief would work best here, as he can reduce Behemoth’s attack damage for 2 turns with his Shackle Foe ability.

Cyrus as a Sorcerer would be your main attacker against this boss. This is because, with abilities like the Lux Congerere, he can damage Behemoth with light up to three times in a single turn!

He can even use basic attacks with the staff to target another of his weaknesses and conserve SP.

Therion can also target Behemoth’s weaknesses effectively since the boss is weak to Dagger attacks.

It won’t take long for you to break Behemoth if you bring this party to the fight. Once the break occurs and the boss is left defenseless, just attack it with everything you’ve got to finish it off.

After you defeat the Behemoth in battle once, you receive a 3% chance to encounter it again randomly. This time, you will be able to capture this beast. H’aanit will be very useful if you want to capture Behemoth – so make sure to bring him along with you if you wish to do so.

What else to bring to the fight?

Since Behemoth can deal a ton of damage to you in a single attack, it’s better to bring along items that can heal you – especially if you don’t have a healer. The Olive of Life or Healing Grapes.

Additionally, since you will mostly be using attacks that require SP, you would also need a few items that can restore it – items like the Inspirating Plum or Revitalizing Jams.

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