Octopath Traveler 2 Warrior Job Guide

The Warrior job allows you to land counterattacks to break enemy shields with a 100-percent success rate in Octopath Traveler 2.

The Warrior class is one of the best classes to pick in Octopath Traveler 2. You get to learn skills that revolve around physical weapons such as Swords and Polearms. You also get to do a lot of damage to enemies.

Hikari is the primary user of the Warrior job in Octopath 2. He hails from a war-torn region that has been ravaged by several wars. His skill set will make you realize early on that Warriors are best when it comes to breaking enemy shields.

Additionally, you can break the maximum damage barrier, meaning that you can perform the highest damage attacks without worrying about the damage cap whenever your enemy is in a broken state.

The high damage rate of Warrior makes it adamant that you will want to unlock it as a secondary job for another character in your party. For that, you will need to get to the Warrior Guild for a Warrior license.

How to unlock the Warrior job in Octopath Traveler 2

The Warrior Guild is located in the Harborlands. You will need to first reach the Canalbrine Bridge before heading south to arrive at the Western Conning Creek Coast.

Keep moving towards the coast until you get to the Southern Sai Sands. The Warrior Guild location in Octopath Traveler 2 is at the top of the Southern Sai Sands.

Head inside and speak with the Guild Master to obtain a Warrior license for any of your characters as a secondary job.

How to unlock Hikari’s Warrior EX Skill in Octopath 2

You need to know the Hikari Altar location to reach the Altar of the Thunderblade. From the Coast, you should move toward the Eastern Sai Sands and find the temple in the area.

You must rush toward the ruins and enter the temple leading toward the Altar. You just have to interact with the Altar while having Hikari in your party to learn the Ultimate Stance skill.

Hikari’s EX skill allows you to hit all of your enemies for three consecutive terms while only costing 10 SP, making it a potent ability.

Hikari active skills

The active skills are a perfect blend of aggressiveness and damage. You get the ability to deal substantial damage using these warrior job skills and making the enemies who are weak to physical damage pay.

SkillDescriptionDamage TYpeSP
AbideIncreases your physical attack for the next three turns. 4
Stout WallIncreases your physical defense for the next three turns. 4
InciteYou can change the direction of the enemy single-target attack toward yourself for the next three turns. 4
Vengeful BladeYou can counter enemy attacks with physical damage for two turns.Sword6
Enervating SlashYou nullify all the ailments effects from a single party member and can perform a sword attack.Sword7
Aggressive SlashStriking your foes thrice with your sword.Sword9
Piercing ThrustYou unleash a strong polearm attack while having a 25 percent chance of hitting a crit hit.Polearm12

Hikari divine skill

The divine skills are one of the strongest when it comes to dealing damage to your foes. You should focus these attacks on the strongest to deal maximum damage.

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Brand’s BladeMaximum damage sword attack on a single foe.Sword30

Hikari support skills

The support skills are essential in Octopath 2 as you get the ability with these to provide several buffs to your party members. You need to plan your moves while keeping your allies in mind, so you make the most significant impact against the bosses each turn.

SkillDescriptionSkills RequiredJP Required
Bolstering BreakIncreases your ally’s physical attack damage while breaking down the enemies.3130
Summon StrengthIncreases your ally’s physical damage by 50 percent.5630
Latent Power plusYou can increase the latent power gained by your team member by using this spell on them.61630
Deal More DamageThe maximum damage you can deal increases to 99,999.74630

Best characters for the Warrior job in Octopath 2

Ochette and Partitio are undoubtedly the two best characters to become Warriors in the game.


Belonging to the Hunter class, Ochette is perfect for the Warrior as her secondary job. The job gives her all the tools to havoc on enemies in short-range attacks. She can make use of a Sword and Polearm to inflict maximum damage.

The support skills obtained from this class substantially improve her firepower and make her deadly for every character. So combining all these skills with her primary job will make her a beast in combat in Octopath 2.


The Merchant, Patitio, can be a perfect candidate to play the secondary role of Warrior. The character has the ability to provide party members with BP points, initiating their latent powers quickly. Hence, it goes perfectly with the Latent Power Gain skill of the warrior class.

You can ideally use the Incite skill of warrior job with Partitio as his character can utilize these skills to keep your party member safe and sound during the combat.

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