Octopath Traveler 2 Plukk Boss Guide

Plukk is a mercenary who you will face alongside two lackeys in Chapter 2 of Castti’s storyline in Octopath Traveler 2.

Octopath Traveler 2 has a fun collection of bosses in every storyline. One of these bosses is Plukk. She is a thief and mercenary accompanied by her two lackeys, Mikk and Makk. She is also the third boss that appears in Castti’s storyline.

Plukk appears in the second chapter when Greg hires her to intimidate you. Soon, the argument leads to a boss fight. Before you get into the fight, your skill level needs to be above 18; otherwise, you will not be able to resist her heavy defenses.

This guide will help you find and take down this boss and her goons so you can easily explore Castti’s chapter.

Where to Find Plukk?

You’ll encounter this boss during Castti’s Chapter 2 in the Winterbloom Route after you soothe Rosa. Lily will give you a letter saying Melia has been abducted, and you’ll have to go to the tavern in the Thieves’ Quarter on the north side of the town.

When you get to the Thieves’ Quarter, you will find Melia lying unconscious, and Greg will appear with the boss, followed by the goons. This encounter will start the battle in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Defeat Plukk?

Before beginning the battle, you should know about Plukk’s weaknesses and attacks. Though not an easy target, she has her fair share of weaknesses, including sword, dagger, axe, and fire attacks. Mikk is vulnerable to polearm, bow, and ice attacks, while Makk is weak to bow, thunder, wind, and ice attacks. As for the special attacks, the boss uses swing as her heavy attack on your party, which has a damage rating of 853. At the same time, Mikk and Makk use melee attacks, bemusing strikes, and a mutiny attack that target your party members individually.

Now, moving on to the fighting strategy, your attacks won’t damage this boss directly, so you need to focus on her lackeys first. Begin with bow and ice attacks and continue attacking them until their shield breaks (Mikk and Makk have shield points of 4 individually while Plukk has 7 shield points).

You can either take out the lackeys and focus your attacks on the boss, or you can keep one of the goons alive and damage her to break the defenses further.

So, your plan should be to break her subordinates first, which would leave Plukk open to your attacks, and this would break her with relative ease.

Finally, you can finish Plukk and her subordinates off using Osvald’s staff attack (x4) and his Merchant Skills “Hired Help”. You can use this skill to deal the finishing blow on Plukk and win this Boss fight in Octopath Traveler 2.

Best party Composition

In order to deal with Plukk and her underlings Mikk and Makk, you can choose the following Party members. These include:

Party MembersAttacks
ThroneThrone uses the Axe attacks (x12) combined with her Hunter skills “Cleaving Blow”. This unleashes a powerful axe attack on Plukk. She can use the Item Ice Soulstone (M) to deal massive ice damage to Plukk’s underlings which results in damage of “1430” each.
CasttiCastti can use her Scholar skills Ice wind to deal with Ice attacks on Plukk. Moreover, she can also resort to skills like Fireball to deal fire attacks on the enemy.
OsvaldOsvald can use Staff attacks along with Scholar skills Icewind to deal Ice-based attack damage of “58” on both Mikk and Makk. He can also deploy items like Fire Soulstone (M) to deal heavy fire damage of “1430” on Plukk.
OchetteShe can use her Warrior skill “Aggressive Slash” to unleash a sword attack on Plukk and her lackeys. Ochette can also use Animal instincts to deploy “Beastly Claws”. This is a powerful physical attack that results in damage of “2172” on Plukk.

Rewards For Octopath Traveler 2 Plukk Boss

Defeating Mikk and Makk will reward you with the Soldiers Spear and Silver Hatchet respectively. Similarly, by defeating Plukk, you will receive the Drifting Dagger. You can also get some Refreshing Jam.

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