Octopath Traveler 2 Merchant Job Guide

Merchants are mostly tailored to support their fellow allies in Octopath Traveler 2. This secondary job helps you earn bonus money.

Merchant is basically a supporting job in Octopath Traveler 2. Partitio is its primary user, meaning that you can see for yourself how good his Merchant skills are in the game before deciding to get it as a secondary job for another character in your party.

Merchants help you earn bonus BP or money. They can use Polearms and Bows to attack enemies. They also do elemental damage using Fire. However, Merchants are mostly tailored to support their fellow allies in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to unlock the Merchant job in Octopath Traveler 2

To unlock Merchant as a secondary job for your characters, you need to get to the Merchant Guild Master for a Merchant License.

The Merchant Guild location can be traced to the Western Crackridge Wild in the Leaflands region. Start by heading to Cropdale and go west to reach the Eastern Cropdale Trail. Keep going west to find the Crackridge Harbor Anchorage before moving up to the Southern Crackridge Wilds.

From there, take a right and you will find yourself in Western Crackridge Wilds where lies the Merchant Guild Master. You can also open your map here to see its location.

Head inside and speak with the Merchant Guild Master to receive your Merchant License.

How to unlock Partitio’s Merchant EX Skill

Partitio can unlock EX skills for the Merchant Job besides the Active, Divine, and Support Skills. This is because Partitio has Merchant as his Primary Job which benefits him by allowing him to have additional EX Skills that other travelers cannot acquire with this job.  

These exculsive skills include the Negotiate Schedule and the Share SP.

  • Negotiate Schedule EX Skill: This skill allows you attack your foe when it is their turn to attack you.
  • Share SP EX Skill: Allows you to share SP with an individual unit ranging from 25% to 100%

The first EX skill can be unlocked by going to the Altar of the Trader in the Crackridge Wilds.

Partitio Altar location can be reached if you go to Crackridge Harbor Anchorage in the Wildlands region and head north unless your reach a split. Choose to go east and continue there you are at the Southern Crackridge Wilds where you will come across some mines. The altar you are looking for is behind these mines. The Negotiate Schedule EX Skill will be resting on this altar and can be obtained by Interacting.

As for the second EX skill, Share SP, you will need to keep playing through Partitio’s story until you finish it. Only then you can acquire this skill.

Merchant active skills

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Arrow of FortunePhysical Damage caused to an individual unit by using Bow as a weapon, JP received in return for the damage dealtBow12
EmberAn individual enemy receives Fire elemental damageFire7
RestYou recover your SP and HP as well as cure all status ailments. N/A0
SidestepAvoids a physical attackN/A10
Donate BP1 BP provided to a single unitN/A6
CollectMoney is taken from an individual enemyN/A2
Hired HelpCalling help on the battlefield by paying them in leaves in returnN/A0

Merchant divine skill

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Bifelgan’s BountyDamage dealt to a single enemy earns you money in return30

Merchant support skills

SkillDescriptionSkills RequiredJP Required
Full PowerGrants the Latent Power at the commencement by filling the gauge to maximum74630 JP
Boost-StartProvides 1 BP at the commencement5630 JP
Grows on TreesAdditional money earned after the battle4130 JP
Hang ToughProtects you against deadly attacks by granting 1 HP61630 JP

Best characters for the Merchant job in Octopath 2

If you are looking for characters that can take up Merchant as a secondary job then Hikari, Agnea, and Temenos are the best options.

Hikari’s exceptional skills regarding Physical Attacks pair up best with Merchant’s Arrow of Fortune which can grant him JP proportional to the damage dealt.

Agnea can do well with the Merchant Job and earn leaves while Temenos can also use this job to his benefit by using the Sidestep skill to avoid getting attacked.

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