Octopath Traveler 2 Giff Boss Guide

Giff is one of the mercenaries who work for Toque Brilliante along with his lackey criminals in Octopath Traveler 2. He has a villainous nature from the start, and you will encounter this enemy boss early on in the game during the first chapter of Partitio’s scenario.

Once you defeat Giff and his goons you will receive the “Silver Ingot” and silver coins as a reward. If you are interested in defeating Giff, then we have prepared all the information related to him in this Giff Guide for Octopath Traveler 2.

Giff location

You will encounter Giff at Giff’s Manse, which is located in the Wildlands during the first chapter of Partito’s storyline. During this chapter Partitio will confront Giff about his wrongdoings and demands to take the town back.

Giff will insult Partito’s father after which the battle will ensue between Partitio and Giff who will be joined by his lackeys as well. This will make a three versus one battle but using the right skills you can easily win this battle.

Giff weaknesses

Giff has weaknesses against the following weapons which include:

  • Axe attacks
  • Dagger attacks
  • Polearm attacks

In terms of elemental weakness, Giff is weak against Ice attacks as they cause a lot of damage to him.

As for his Lackeys, they have the following weakness attacks the weapon attacks. These include:

  • Dagger
  • Bow
  • Polearm
  • Axe

Furthermore, these lackeys also have weaknesses against Ice and Fire attacks.

Giff special attacks

Giff is a tricky Boss that you will encounter in chapter one. He uses his thieves in the battle as well along with attacking you during the fights. His special attacks include:

Special AttacksWhat They Do
AttackGriff uses the normal melee attack which results in damage of “25” on Partitio.
Giff takes aim..!Hit the MarkUsing this attack Giff can cause you a damage rating of “36”.
On the MarkGriff throws his knife at Partitio causing a damage rating of “73”
Hasty ThrowIn this attack, he throws his blades wildly at you which have a chance of missing you as well. Upon interaction, they cause minor damage of “19”

Giff’s Lackey

Special AttacksWhat Do They Do
AttackGiff’s lackey uses his weapon to attack you inserting damage of  “20”.
BlusterHis soldiers use this attack to lower Partitio’s attack.
Double ThrustUsing this attack the lackey can hit you twice causing damage of “15” on each hit.
Twofold AssaultThis attack is similar to the Double thrust, but the damage increases to “25” on each hit.

How to defeat Giff in Octopath Traveler 2

When the fighting begins Giff’s lackeys will confront you first and they will pose a challenge as well.

The lackey with the polearm has 1 Shield Point (SP) which you can easily break with Bow attacks “Arrow of Fortune” combined with Scholar skills “Ice” or “Fire”. You can also use Partitio’s Hired Help to hire a mercenary to break his shield as well.   

After you take care of the first lacky you should continue the assault on the second lackey. This opponent has 2 Shield Points (SP). You can summon Joe to inflict the dagger attack on this foe and once you break both of his shields you can proceed with the Bow attack (x4) to finish him off.

Remember to purchase the Spear and the Copper breastplate before this battle as it will increase your defenses against Giff’s attack while you are handling his thieves.

Finally, you can face the Enemy Boss “Giff” in a 1v1 battle. He also has 2 Shield Points (SP), so you need to focus your attacks on breaking those. Make sure to use Partitio’s “Rest” skill which restores your HP and SP along with curing status ailments as well.

Next, you can summon Joe to attack Giff and further weaken him. Once you break both his shields you should use the Polearm attacks along with the Arrow of Fortune (x12) to finish him off and win this battle in Octopath Traveler 2.

Best party for Giff

Giff may seem like a difficult enemy as he has his thieves supporting him in his battle but using Partitio’s skills you can defeat him with relative ease. The fight between you and Giff will ensue in a one versus three battle where you will use the character Partitio.

What else to bring to the fight?

This fight is not going to be as easy if you are ill-equipped therefore remember to meet the merchant before starting this battle.

This way can equip yourself with Spear and the Copper breastplate as these will be most helpful in dealing with this Boss in Octopath Traveler 2.

You can also use healing items to keep Partitio alive and kicking during this Boss fight in Octopath Traveler 2.