Octopath Traveler 2 Father Boss Guide

Father is the final boss of the Father Route that you take during the third story chapter of Throne in Octopath Traveler 2. The boss is not hard to defeat with the right party and skills.

You must understand how to exploit the Octopath Traveler 2 Father’s weaknesses to defeat the enemy. Before understanding its vulnerabilities, let’s learn about Father’s location in Octopath 2.

Father location

You will come to the Montwise town; from there, you must head toward the Abandoned Traverse. Your first interaction with the boss occurs here, but follow the Father to the Abandoned Church to initiate the fight.

Before you throw yourself against this boss, let us see the weak points of it to exploit the circumstances in our favor fully.

Father weaknesses

The Father shows apparent weakness against physical attacks. You need to equip your members with Daggers, Polearms, and Axes to exploit the weakness. Each attack using these weapons can inflict severe damage.

Your next best option for defeating the boss is to exploit its weakness against elemental attacks. Use Light and Wind attacks for this purpose and land as much damage as possible during your turn.

Father special attacks

Most of the attacks performed by the boss are melee. It uses weapons to charge against your party members and deal maximum damage.

You need to protect yourself from the Blood Status effect as the member under the influence receives more damage. So watch for all the incoming attacks and prepare yourself accordingly.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Lacerate ArmMelee strike that debuffs all of your party attack strength.
Vengeful StrikeMelee attack one party member.
Gouge WoundHigh-damage strike against one character.
Rent ThroatMelee attacks every party member.
AssassinationCharged attack dealing maximum damage and knocking down one of your party members.
Killing BlowPowerful attack on your allies under the blood status effect.

How to defeat Father in Octopath Traveler 2

You need to use the repeated Phantom Slash attacks from Ochette to break the shield of the Father. The trick here is that you should start using normal attacks using Daggers, Polearms, or Axe. It is vital to break down the SP of the boss and then go for the high-damage attacks.

You can also use Throne’s HP thief attacks to break the shield points, allowing your party to regroup and heal, as the Father cannot attack during the broken stage.

You can combine the Aggressive Slash attacks with Hikari Latent Power to inflict substantial damage, ensuring a quick defeat for the boss. While the boss attacks, you should have anyone in your party that can use healing skills to restore your party HP.

The soulstones are great when you want to inflict Elemental damage on your enemies. The item becomes more useful if you are low on SP. So buy the item before getting into combat with Father in Octopath 2.

Best party for Father

Having a perfect balance between offense and defense against this boss is crucial. Hikari and Throne are great as they can use their physical skills to deal hefty damage.

Ochette can also use the Phantom Slash to break down the SP quickly and put the boss in a broken state. Osvald is our main player to deal elemental damage as he got the perfect scholar skill to do the deed. Osvald can also use the Heal Wounds ability to restore the HP of the whole party.

What else to bring to the fight?

You do not need much apart from getting Soul stones and some items to boost your physical attacks. The right party allows you to exploit the boss’s vulnerability and end the Octopath Traveler 2 Father.

Father boss drops

  • 4000 Leaves
  • Marietta
  • 880 EXP
  • 450 JP

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