Octopath Traveler 2 Duorduor Boss Guide

Duorduor is a behemoth of a boss that you will encounter during Agnea Bristarni’s storyline in Octopath Traveler 2. This will be in the very first chapter.

As Agnea and Gus are in the early stages of their story therefore their low skillset will rather not help you in the fight.

This one mammoth boss has a lot of defenses in terms of the shield. Therefore fighting him involves breaking his shield down using a variety of abilities like Chop Wood. As reinforcements, Duorduor has also the ability to call two Forest Marmots.

Duorduor location

You will encounter Duorduor at the end of the Agnea Chapter 1 in Octopath Traveler 2.

Duorduor weaknesses

Just like any other enemy in Octopath Traveler 2, the main way you can deal damage to Duorduor is by targeting the weak points. But before you do that, you first have to break the heavy shield of Duorduor.

As the weakness of Duorduor lies in the Dagger and Axe, you can use these weapons to break the heavy shield.

The primary attack of the Agnea uses the Dagger so you can check one off the list. The same could be said for your party member Gus as he uses an Axe in his primary attack.

Duorduor special attacks

Duorduor is a tough boss to defeat that has a lot of Special Attacks up his sleeves.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Standard AttackA standard attack that will deal physical damage.
SnortAn attack that targets every party member with magic.
WhimperThe same as the Standard Attack but makes the target unconscious for some while.
Boar RushHigh physical damage attack that can be predicted by the text “the Duorduor looks agitated!”. Boar Rush targets only single targets and deals 120 damage.
Call For HelpAs the name states, Duorduor calls reinforcement in the form of two Forest Marmots.

How to defeat Duorduor in Octopath Traveler 2

Before we get into how you can defeat Duorduor, we just want to give you a heads-up that he is a strong boss therefore the fight is going to be a big one.

That said, we recommend bringing additional reinforcement in the form of healing skills like Healing Grapes. This is because Gus’ skill Special Brew will not get you through to the end of the fight.

For you to be able to deal damage to Duorduor, you first need to be able to break the boss shield. The highest BP damage can be dealt between boss attacks because he is the most vulnerable at that point.

To effectively break the shield, you can pair Gus’ “Chop Wood” ability with the standard dagger of Agnea to get the double hit. If the boss has rounded you up in a corner, you can fully exhaust BP to get four hits on the boss using Chop Wood.

Then before healing, you can get a hit or two using the Agnea’s standard dagger. You don’t need to worry about BP stat as it will replete overtime but always keep some for sticky situations.

In my opinion, BP should always be saved up for special attacks like Ruinous Kick or Chop Wood. That way, you can deal the most amount of damage in a limited time.  

Best party for Duorduor

The best party to bring in the Duorduor boss fight is Gus as his primary weapon is the Axe. That said, Axe is also one of the weaknesses of the Duorduor making this combo very deadly.

To deal the most amount of damage, Gus has the Chop Wood ability which you can bring into the Duorduor fight.

On top of that, using Agnea’ Lion Dance will improve damage on the Gus attack making the party even deadlier in Octopath Traveler 2.

What else to bring in the fight?

There is not much to bring in the Duorduor fight other than a good strategy to break the strong shield.

As the Chop Wood skill deals the most damage to the boss but bringing Agnea’s Lion Dance will add an additional boost to the Chop Wood. On top of that, it will also increase the physical damage on the Agnea attacks.

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