Octopath Traveler 2 Bergomi Boss Guide

Bergomi is a formidable foe, and his consecutive attacks can prove to be quite lethal for your party members in Octopath Traveler 2.

Bergomi will be the boss that you will be facing in Chapter 2 of Octopath Traveler 2. He will be accompanied by his thieves and by the end of this chapter he will have changed allegiances and will accept your challenge.

He is a formidable foe, and his consecutive attacks can prove to be quite lethal for your party members. Hence, you will need healing items that will keep you going in this battle.  

Once you defeat Bergomi, you will receive “Olive of Life (L)” as a reward for completing this Boss fight in Octopath Traveler 2.

Bergomi location

You will encounter Bergomi at the Snowhare’s Den in Throne Chapter 2 before meeting the Father. Throne will challenge Bergomi, and he will respond by accepting the challenge.

He will state that he has sight set on stronger allies and will turn against your kin. After that, his thieves will join the fight alongside him and you will have to take them too.

Bergomi weaknesses

Bergomi may seem like a challenging foe but like all bosses that you face in Octopath Traveler 2, he also carries his weaknesses as well. These include Sword attacks which can damage him immensely along with Bow and Fire attacks.

His lackeys on the other hand are easier to defeat as they are vulnerable to both “Staff and Dagger” attacks. Apart from that you can use Thunder attacks to take them out as well.   

Bergomi special attacks

Bergomi is a clever foe who uses his thieves as a cover to perform his attacks during the first round of the game. He uses Wild needle in the beginning which poses average damage to the team but later on as his shield breaks he resorts to using heavier attacks which deal heavy damage.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
AttackHe makes use of this normal melee attack to deal average damage to your party.
Debilitating StingHe uses this attack to target one of your party members delivering a lethal blow.
Befuddling StingHe focuses this attack on a single member of your party dealing “248” damage to them
Poison StingIn this attack, he deals damage of “353”, targeting a single member of your party.
Wild NeedleBergomi shoots a barrage of needle attacks on all the party members resulting in “82-84” damage.

How to defeat Bergomi in Octopath Traveler 2

Once Bergomi accepts Throne’s challenge, his thieves will join the fight first and face you. So you need to defeat them in order to deal with Bergomi next. They have 3 Shield Points whereas Bergomi has 4 Shield Points.

You can start by using Throne dagger attacks and proceed onwards with Partitio’s Merchant skill to hire an assassin to continue dealing damage to Bergomi’s thieves. Make sure to use Castti Elemental barrage to further weaken their defenses and continue with the attack pattern and you will defeat them easily.

After dealing with them and moving onwards to fighting Bergomi, make sure that you capitalize on attacks that hit him more than once. These will cause heavy damage to him and will break his SP too. But keep in mind that he can increase his Shield Points from 4SP to 8SP which will tend to increase the difficulty for you as well.

His special attacks like Debilitating Sting and Befuddling Sting will target each of your party members. So you will need to use skills like “Healing Torch” to continuously regenerate your lost HP and BP during this fight.

Keep the attack pattern going on to break his shields one by one. Once he is down to his last shield you should deploy Castti’s Scholar skills “Fireball” to break his last shield. Finally, you can finish him off with Paritio’s Merchant skill “Hired Help” in Octopath Traveler 2.

Best party for Bergomi

The best party you can employ to take on Bergomi and his thieves will be Throne, Castti, Partitio, and Ochette. The reason for choosing this party is that they can deploy merchant skills and also deploy offensive skills to deal heavy damage to the foe.

Party MembersAttacks
ThroneShe can use Sword attacks to deal damage to Bergomi. Her Thief skills enable her to use surprise attacks which can unleash a strong sword attack on the enemy.
CasttiShe can use Apothecary Skills like Healing Torch to heal allies. She can deploy Scholar skills like Fireball to deal Fire attacks on Bergomi as well.
PartitioHe can use the Merchant Skills to get Hired Help from Mercenary to deal damage on Bergomi.
OchetteShe can use Beast Lore to provoke Akala to use the Wallop attack. She can also make use of her hunter skills like Leghold Trap on Bergomi.

What else to bring to the fight?

This fight against Bergomi is not going to be that hard but you will have to stock up on healing items if you want to keep the battle going. Dealing with his thieves is easy but Bergomi’s attack carries quite a punch since he targets individual members of your party.

So you will have to resort to using “Empowering Lychee” which can be used to fill the latent power gauge of one of your party members. Furthermore, you can use “Herb of Healing” which cures one of your allies of poison, and “Herb of Clarity” which heals a single ally of confusion.

All these items will add to restoring the damage your allies take during this Boss fight in Octopath Traveler 2.

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