Obsidian Reportedly Didn’t Know About The Outer Worlds Epic Store Exclusivity

This is just speculation at this point. It’s also fueled by the fact that we don’t want to think that Obsidian would deliberately mislead us like this. Still, is it possible that Obsidian didn’t know about the Outer Worlds coming out on the Epic Store?

I know Tim Sweeney said that the store will win because of the developers and not the consumers, but that doesn’t mean you trick the developers into doing it. Publishers always know what’s going. In this case it was Private Division that must’ve known about the migration.

A major reason this theory caught traction is the fact that Obsidian was updating the Outer Worlds with achievements on Steam. These aren’t just old updates, some are literally from a few days ago. Why would Obsidian continue to update the achievements if they knew that the game was going to be an Epic Store exclusive?

This could only mean two things. Either Obsidian knew about the change and deliberately mislead us, or they weren’t informed. I’m more inclined to believe the latter.

Why? Because the same thing happened to Metro Exodus between 4A and Deep Silver. There was miscommunication between the two as to where the game was about to be released. I’m reckoning that the same happened to Obsidian.

There’s no way to know for sure though. It’s still fully possible that they did plan this for a while, in which case a lot of us will lose some respect for the beloved creators of the original Fallout.

Don’t take my criticisms of the Epic Store as a misplaced hate for Fortnite though. The reasons run far deeper than that.

Obsidian’s migration of the Outer Worlds to the Epic Store might cause a hurdle in the game’s sales. That’ll really suck for the Single-Player game market in general since it’ll give more ammunition to the live-service model games.

Let’s wait for confirmation on Obsidian’s side of the story though.

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