Obsidian Entertainment Hires Call Of Duty And Destiny Developer For Next-Gen AAA RPG

Obsidian Entertainment just hired an animation director to work on their upcoming next-gen AAA RPG. The animation director is known for his developmental work on Destiny and Call of Duty expansions.

Twitter user Klobrille was recently surfing LinkedIn. He found out that Obsidian Entertainment has hired Jason Diaz, an animation director known for his work on Destiny and Call of Duty expansions:

Obsidian Entertainment, an Xbox Game Studio, hired Jason Diaz as an Animation Director to “Define, document, and drive the vision for animation on an AAA next-gen RPG”. Previously on Destiny 2 & CoD Modern Warfare among others.

The animation director has worked for High Moon Studios for over 15 years. Needless to say, Diaz has a lot of animation experience under his belt.

Previously, rumors were circulating on the internet which hinted at Obsidian’s next project. Last year, a job listing suggested that The Outer Worlds developer had already started working on an RPG project.

Obsidian Entertainment recently updated its careers website listing over two dozen job opportunities. Most of the positions mentioned an unannounced next-generation role-playing game. The game will supposedly have melee and ranged combat along with gunplay elements.

The next-gen RPG title will supposedly have a first-person perspective according to the job listings. On top of that, Obsidian Entertainment also hinted at a multiplayer mode for their next AAA project. Characters in this unannounced RPG title will supposedly have branching dialogues that will further the narrative.

As for the expected platforms for the upcoming title, the developer mentioned next-gen consoles and PC. This suggests that Microsoft is not looking to make this title an Xbox Series X exclusive. Thus we can expect this title to launch for the PlayStation 5 as well.

Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on a survival game called Grounded. The developer is targeting a spring release for the title. Along with that, Obsidian is also working to bring The Outer Worlds to Nintendo Switch and Steam. However, that process is halted due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Looks like Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming AAA RPG project is definitely not halted due to the ongoing crisis. Though we should not expect the unannounced title to be released anytime soon.