Observer Roses Locations Guide

In this Observer Roses Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding all the Roses in the game to unlock ‘By Any Other Name’ Achievement.

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Observer Roses Locations

To unlock the By Any Other Name achievement, you must first find three roses scattered throughout world of Observer.

After you have collected all the roses, you must continue with the story until you reach the forest. Once in the forest, you will find a grave.

Reaching the grave will initiate a mini cut scene and you will unlock this achievement. The locations of all the roses that you need to find are mentioned below.

Rose #1
The first rose is located on the bottom floor of the apartment building. Once there, find the rose on top of the pipers which are located next to the stairs. Collect your first rose.

Rose #4
The second rose is located on the second floor of the apartment building in the “maintenance access”, near apartment 208.

On the second floor, you need to find the room 208. Once you find the room, you need to find the maintenance access near it. Your next rose is waiting for you inside this maintenance access.

Rose #3
The last rose is located in the area where the chicken or the flying birds’ coops are located. You will come to this place when you are following Victor’s trail.

Once you are here, you need to look for the rose by going up to the stairs where these coops are located.

Collect your last rose and continue playing the game at the forest level. You will unlock this achievement once you are at the grave

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