Observer Patient Recordings Locations Guide

Our Observer Patient Recordings Locations Guide will help you find all the Patient Recordings and unlock ‘The Root of All Evil’ Achievement in the game.

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Observer Patient Recordings Locations

To unlock ‘The Root of All Evil Achievement, you need to find all four patient recordings located in the game.

All the four patient recordings are scattered in different areas throughout the game and you need to find them all in order to unlock the achievement. The locations of all these patient recordings have been explained below:

The first patient recording is located on the top floor of the apartment building. At the top of the stairs, look for some jumbled up wires going up along some thicker black wires.

The recording is located right at top of the screen with an eye on it.

The second patient recording is located on the first floor of the apartment. On the first floor, head to the washrooms where you were stuck and Rudy had to get you out.

Head there and find a toilet full of water. Flush the toilet and the water will disappear, leaving behind the patient recording. Pick it up.

The third patient recording in sitting in an office/studio in the underground. When you are in the underground maze, simply head to the office/studio located there.

When you enter the office, the patient’s recording is located right in front on top of a small machine.

The last patient recording is located in the Chiron Building. When you are near the end of the game, in the Chiron building, you will find the patient recording sitting on a table.

Grab the last recording. Hence, it will unlock your achievement.

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