Nvidia’s Shield Tablet Specs & Details Leaked, It’s a Tegra K1 Powered Device

Alright we are not talking about the TV show here, so make sure you are in the right place. That being said, I think we have put our hands on some of the leaked information in the yet to be unveiled Nvidia’s Shield Tablet.

The company put up a teaser page for what is expected to be the official reveal day of the upcoming tablet but made sure that they didn’t give away anything about the product until then. However, it looks like they weren’t careful enough.

A pile of presentation slides that were apparently supposed to be used on the official reveal presentation have been leaked and they give away almost everything that we can expect to know about Nvidia’s Shield Tablet.

For starters it comes with a Wireless Controller of its own that will cost you $59; this will be compatible with both the tablet and the console. The WiFi variant of the tablet has been priced at $299 as compared to $399 for the LTE version. Do remember that the cheaper model comes with 16GB storage while the LTE version is 32GB.

Moving on, the tablet comes with an 8 inch screen that packs a 1920 x 1200 resolution. The specifications are a Tegra K1 SoC with 192 CUDA cores, 2GB RAM, QuadCore 2.2 GHz A15 processor, dual speakers and a 5MP camera.

Check out the reveal presentation slides below.


Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is going to be launched on July 29 this year and the official reveal is supposedly going to take place in around 24 hours’ time.

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