Nvidia Whisper Mode For GTX Laptops Enables Silent Operation

We have seen the Nvidia Max-Q powered laptops and they are very slim indeed. Now Nvidia Whisper Mode has been introduced and this will allow for silent operation. If you are a person that does not like your device making noise while you are gaming then this is something for you.  For a long time, we got M GPUs in laptops but much has changed since then.

Now the GPUs that we are getting in laptops are much closer to the performance of the desktop versions and if you are not looking for a slim laptop then there are options that include a desktop-grade GPU as well. On the software side of things, we have Nvidia Whisper Mode that reduces the emission of noise produced by the cooling system depending on the game you are playing.

There is a limitation though, eSports games like overwatch will have to be locked to 60 FPS and other AAA titles will have to be locked to 40 FPS. This is something that the PC master race is not going to like at all. eSports games are not being played at 60 FPS unless there is a budget restriction. 100+ FPS would be a better mark for that.

Other games like Witcher 3 at 40 FPS is just a joke. PC master race is going to have a hard time playing a game below the 60 FPS mark. Modern day eSports players play at 144+ FPS and I do not think that they would want to reduce that just to get some silence. I think people will not be using this feature much. Right now we do not even know how much of an effect the Nvidia Whisper Mode has.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia Whisper Mode and whether or not you are interested in checking out this feature.

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