Nvidia Welcomes Back AMD at Threadripper Launch

On August 11th after the launch of AMD’s latest product: the Threadripper, NVIDIA tweeted on AMD’s wall praising its release by welcoming them on their successful return to the CPU market after many years.

They also added that Geforce 1080ti would make a compelling pair with AMD’s Threadripper CPUs. We can deduce a couple of things from it:

One would be that NVIDIA is genuinely excited to see the massively scalable, large interface CPUs with 64 PCIe lanes. Because this would be really beneficial for enthusiast gamers using GTX 1080ti and TITAX X SLI based solutions. Since CPU lane limitations cause performance difference on High-end multi GPU configurations.

Also proven by Linustechtips in one of his reviews on PCIe lanes. NVIDIAs Top tier cards will be able to perform at their full glory since they’re implying that the GPU will deliver optimal performance if paired with AMD’s Threadripper CPUs.

The second deduction is that NVIDIA believes their GPU like the 1080ti would be more competent to perform with best possible results instead of AMD’s upcoming RX Vega series, which is like a tease and a soft taunt at the same time.

Because according to so far leaked results and benchmarks RX Vega 64 is able to equate the performance output of a GTX 1080 and not beat it with any significant margins. Until confirmed after the official release, driver optimizations, and user benchmarks.

AMD’s response to this was the most interesting. They replied with a GIF animation showing two people (one wearing red, another wearing green shirt) doing a High-Five.

Really shows the good intention of the company and positive spirit towards improvement. Ryzen Threadripper is a massive achievement for the High-End Desktop Market since it has beaten Intel’s products with a significant margin in performance and price.

Let us know what your views are about the sporty tweets between the two competitors including how Intel might respond to the release, in the comments section below.

Contributor at SegmentNext.