Nvidia Titan V Has A Problem With Its Calculations, Reportedly Outputting Incorrect Results

Having a Geforce Titan card was a dream of gamer, however, things changed with Nvidia Volta-based Titan V which was not intended for gamers but is only for professionals. However, this Nvidia Titan V has reportedly been outputting wrong answers for some scientific calculations.

As reported by The Register, an engineer, who is anonymous, has come forth claiming that Nvidia Titan V has been churning out wrong answers for scientific calculations.

According to the report, Nvidia Volta-based Titan V is outputting results with a variance for identical simulations of protein and enzyme. The report suggests that Nvidia Titan V “gave numerical errors about 10 percent of the time”.

These calculations are supposed to output identical results but that is not the case with Titan V. According to The Register, another source of theirs noted that the issue is potentially linked to the GPUs memory and these errors in calculations might have spawned due to the overclocking of the GPU.

With Titan V costing around $3000, it is quite surprising that a GPU as expensive as this is outputting wrong results as getting calculations right is the main purpose of a graphics cards.

In related news, Nvidia revealed its Real-time ray tracing tech earlier this week and 4A Games has announced that Metro Exodus will be the first game to use this tech.

Not only that, 4A Games has revealed that they will be showcasing a demo of Metro Exodus at GDC 2018 which will also showcase the use of Nvidia RTX real-time raytracing tech.

Also, a report has been making rounds on the internet that suggests GPU demand for mining has dropped and Nvidia has “increased its GPU quotes” which is to cover the gap that might occur as GPU demand starts to go down.

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Source: The Register

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