Nvidia RTX GPUs With TU102-300A Turing Cores Perform Better Than Non-A Versions

Nvidia RTX graphics cards are based on the new Turing architecture and are power by the Turing cores but it seems that there are two different cores and there is a difference in performance as well. We have the TU102-300A core as well as the non-A core and we have been wondering about the difference between them for a while now.

Sources have now revealed that the A variants will perform better as compared tot he non-A versions. The A models are higher spec versions like the factory-overclocked STRIX, GAMING X TRIO and Founders Edition cards. The non-A versions are meant for the non-overclocked models like the Asus Turbo variant that we looked into a while back.

The A versions will be pre-binned for higher specs, better overclocking and power efficiency. This was also revealed in the latest driver updates that were provided to the press. This will not only affect the top of the line Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti but other graphics cards in the series as well, like the 2080 and the 2070.

Furthermore, we know that the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti availability has been delayed by a week but we do not know why Nvidia has done this. While that might be the case, this will not affect the availability of the Nvidia RTX 2080 and these cards will be available as scheduled starting the 20th of September.

The 2080 Ti will be available later on, starting from the 27th of September. If you have pre-ordered the Ti model then you should get one by the 27th. For more news and information regarding Nvidia RTX graphics cards, stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia RTX graphics cards coming with 2 different Turing cores and whether or not you think this might be misleading for the general consumer that does not look into all the details.

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