Nvidia Patents An AI Gaming Coach

Nvidia Corporation believes that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be utilized to help players become more skilled in multiplayer games.

According to a recently published patent, Nvidia understands that the popularity of multiplayer games, as well as the surge of esports, has left many players wanting to become as skilled as professional players. The only problem is that multiplayer games have become more complex with time and a traditional tutorial does little to familiarize players with game mechanics.

Nvidia notes that the average player is hence, left with two choices: go through a number of guides or videos online, or hire a professional player as a personal coach. By integrating AI into a game, Nvidia proposes a system where machine learning can gather data from professional or highly skilled players and have a virtual gaming coach use that data to teach players instead.

Nvidia further points out that the AI gaming coach also gathers gameplay data of the player in question to realize the current skill of the player. Once that has been established, the AI gaming coach can be selected to provide advice on whatever level needed such as different compositions, strategies, characters, and such.

Data can be obtained that demonstrates how skilled users utilize an application, such as how professional players play a game. This data can be used to train a machine learning model for the game. The model can infer one or more actions or strategies to be taken by the player in order to achieve a determined goal.

The types of advice or coaching given can vary depending upon factors such as the goals, skill level, and preferences of the player, and can update over time.

Nvidia envisions such a virtual gaming coach to be far more effective than what players are currently doing. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of hours in learning a particular multiplayer game, players can rely on an AI gaming coach that has learned from the best players around. Hence, raising the skill level of all players to make for a more competitive environment in lesser time.

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